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  1. Bonjour! Est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui va rejeter leur offre à McGill (MD) pour UdeM, Laval, ou Sherb?
  2. Hi! Will anyone be rejecting McGill (IP) for an OMSAS school?
  3. Yes, it does. Thank you! I was just scared about my GPA being a limiting factor. Would you say I would be restricted to low, mid-tier schools?
  4. That's the plan! However, if you don't mind me asking, is it okay to do a 5th year? In my case, it would be 4th year (as an extra) since my degree is 3 years long. Do med schools turn away from that, or don't care?
  5. Hm, good point. Thank you for you answer. I'll be working on my GPA next semester and MCATs currently. Can't change the past haha
  6. Yeah you're right. It's just hard when you see students getting rejected interviews with 3.8's and 3.9's. Almost seems hopeless at this point. However, you are right, I need to stop thinking about the finish line and just power through. Thank you.
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