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  1. "Place of Residence criteria was revised for the upcoming 2018-2019 application cycle to include special categories for applicants who have completed 6 years of post-secondary study in a Maritime Associate and Assistant Dean Annual Reports 2017-18 23 province and active regular force RCMP/Canadian Air Force personnel who may be required to move out of province" very interesting..
  2. Most likely an anomaly, but its all speculation at this point.
  3. Follow up questions definitely play a role, I wouldn't discount them. In your situation, the interviewers were aware that you had 30 seconds to answer, so they wouldn't hold it against you if you didn't have time to answer... that would be unfair.
  4. As mentioned, GPA isn't a big factor beyond a certain point.. and everyone's CV isn't going be full of EC's. My best advice is to make personalize the email to the PI by reading their research and very briefly (and to the point) mention why you want to work with him/her and show interest in their field. Your best chances will always be with a prof that taught you and you did decent in his/her class. There you can build a relationship by going to class, asking questions (intelligent ones) before/during/after class or at office hours.
  5. hartk48

    On Podcasts...

    Not so related to medicine is Joe Rogan's podcast! Healthy mix of everything
  6. I appreciate what you are trying to do here, but I believe it will only make things difficult for you. As mentioned above, there are many variables you need to account for, which is just unrealistic. Time management is a very, very important skill that you will need (looks like that isn't any news to you!) but your approach has to be more flexible rather than rigid. What you can do proactively is choose your courses wisely (lighter courses, better profs, etc..) , meal prep/cook in bulk (your chores block), change your workout (I went from 6 hrs a week to 3 hrs), change your commute time (
  7. Since you are deep into the course term, irregardless of whether you need orgo or not to apply to ottawa doesn't matter at this point. You are still faced with the decision of withdrawing or receiving what you may think is a bad grade. If I were you, I would lean towards staying with the course. If you drop, we can say for certain that your full course load eligibility is gone and that you will have a WD on your transcript. You stay and you may have a bad grade but at least you will have a full course load to save you. I Just to clarify... is your cGPA your raw gpa or wGPA? why are y
  8. If you take courses without graduating, they will count for that degree. Just make sure to take a full course load so the fifth year actually counts! I wouldn't start a whole undergrad just yet... its a lot of commitment? are your 3rd and 4th year grades high?
  9. I really don't want to go on a tangent, because that's not the point of the thread.. but I really don't think you can say medicine is "easier" and I want that flushed out before you make any irreversible decisions. Full discourse, I haven't looked into any dental school curriculum, nor do I want too so I will stay away from commenting on dental schools. While some programs are "part-time" the expectation is that you will study on your own... which takes away from your full time vs part time argument. We also have to prepare for tutorials and simulated patients (taking history, physical ex
  10. I second everything that has been said earlier.. but for the sake of argument, how is dentistry harder than med?
  11. Doubt you'll have to resubmit, because your picture has been uploaded onto the server
  12. Do not feel bad about inquiring... just remember to be polite and understand that mistakes can happen, and that TA's are really busy! Good luck
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