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    hartk48 got a reaction from benelli104 in Let's Discuss Finances   
    Got it. Still better than nothing! Thanks
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    hartk48 got a reaction from MashedPotato in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    Leaving this for future applicants, not that it matters much if you are IP...
    GPA: 4.0
    MCAT: 511 
    Casper: crap, wrote it 14 hours after my mcat. Tried to find the middle ground while pointing out both sides of the problems. Didn’t get Mac or Ottawa so I’m assuming it wasn’t the best.
    EC and Essays: definitely my strong side, your basic premed 101 volunteerism, worked minimum wage jobs from highschool till application, academic based scholarship and very strong research background
    Interview: was a blast. Loved every second of it and definitely the best part of this crazy premed journey. Be ready to think on your feet, think critically and back up what you mean. Reflect on your experiences, know “contemporary” issues in medicine and the Dal curriculum. 
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Hyped_4_Med in Dropping out of Dental School   
    I second everything that has been said earlier.. but for the sake of argument, how is dentistry harder than med?
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    "horrible green" haha perfect description 
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    Coming from class of 2022 - pretty awesome! Lots of camaraderie, tons of social events, plenty of chances to get to know people better, and probably way too much ping pong (if you're into that). Everyone's always eager to help each other by sending over notes or Anki decks (especially since there's no more competition - we're all in the same boat ). People are really supportive of each other and super positive overall. As many of us have, you're probably going to meet some of your best friends next year!
    In terms of negatives, I really don't have much to say...nothing comes to mind. Expect a pretty wholesome experience overall!
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    hartk48 got a reaction from premed_67 in Congrats on finishing MMI Weekend!   
    Follow up questions definitely play a role, I wouldn't discount them. In your situation, the interviewers were aware that you had 30 seconds to answer, so they wouldn't hold it against you if you didn't have time to answer... that would be unfair. 
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Dalhousie AAMS in Congrats on finishing MMI Weekend!   
    A LOT (including myself)
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    hartk48 got a reaction from premed_67 in Congrats on finishing MMI Weekend!   
    A LOT (including myself)
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    hartk48 got a reaction from MDWilliams in Congrats on finishing MMI Weekend!   
    A LOT (including myself)
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    hartk48 got a reaction from anthromd in Best Science Materials??   
    No problem! 
    Just note that no one except AAMC can really simulate what you will see on test day, because by definition - they are not AAMC. Thus, try to diversify your resources as much as possible, because each company has its X amount of test writers that have Y biases or Z understanding of the MCAT. Though they third party companies are definitely getting better and some companies hit the mark more than others, try to diversify. 
    I did some of Kaplan, Altius, Nextstep, TPR, Mcgrew hill, Testing solutions, Examkrackers and QWorld. Highly recommend you do the same! 
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    hartk48 got a reaction from 011235813 in On Podcasts...   
    Not so related to medicine is Joe Rogan's podcast! Healthy mix of everything
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    hartk48 got a reaction from premed_67 in question about ID photo we had to upload   
    My pleasure! Good luck on your interview  
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    hartk48 reacted to VivaColombia in Dropping out of Dental School   
    I understand where your coming from and your story seems similar to my brothers. He went to a Canadian dental school, found it to be way too stressful and not worth the work (in his opinion), so he left after 1st year. Was he afraid of telling people? Of course, its natural and the biggest thing I told him was its not what people think but rather what YOU think. If you are okay with it, there is nothing wrong about leaving dental school. People will have their opinions, but at the end of the day, there will be people who support you, I can assure you of that. Your family will come around to understand your decision, it may just take some time. I'd start approaching the schools counselors (as people have mentioned) and talk to a family member you feel the most comfortable with. Maybe even talk to a dentist your close with (family dentist maybe) and see what they think about it.
    Now, for the 2nd part, I agree dentistry is more demanding. You have didactic lectures, practical components and you may have to go to after hours to practice what you learned. The days start at 8:30am and end probably at 10pm. 3rd/4th year is probably worse since you start seeing patients, need to set up cubicles, etc. So yes, it is more demanding but that doesn't take away from med students workload. Yes, they have less class time and no after hours sim clinic but a lot of them are doing research work, prepping for tutorials/patient simulations, etc. And hands down 3rd/4th years of medical school where students rotate are much more demanding than dental school. At least in dental school, you aren't required to be in a surgical rotation through the night and study during the day. It seems like there are sunny ways on the other side of dentistry but its not the case. Meds have their own challenges in school + residency + practice and dents have their own challenges in school + practice + residencies (if you choose to go). Also, the perception that you need really good marks to specialize in dentistry is not 100% true. Other than OMFS, the other specialities (especially in Canada) have looked to GP experience, GPRs, all round capabilities. Talk to your specialist department directors, they'll tell you GP experience is more valuable than grades these days to specialize. The States will still consider GPA as king but there is a shift there to look at everything holistically, especially with the introduction of the ADAT. My point is that you shouldn't stress about the small things, look at the big picture. If you want to specialize in dentistry, you will with low grades. 
    And finally, I feel like you want in your life..a) a great lifestyle, b) $$$. I'd suggest that you spend some time researching other healthcare careers that have great lifestyles and make $$$. You can stay in the dental field and go into sales. I know someone whose making more than my general dentist by selling equipment, machines, chairs to dentists and its because he loves the job and he's good at it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, dentistry and medicine are not the only careers that can lead to a great lifestyle with good pay. If you can set up a business model with a healthcare field and have the right demand, you will be successful. If you choose to stay in dental school, thats great. Your motor skills will develop with practice and things will work out. If you choose to leave and go for med, that's great too but be aware of the issues facing them (government intervention, etc.). If you want, you could also PM me and we could talk about this more anytime.
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    hartk48 got a reaction from NutritionRunner in Dropping out of Dental School   
    I really don't want to go on a tangent, because that's not the point of the thread.. but I really don't think you can say medicine is "easier" and I want that flushed out before you make any irreversible decisions. Full discourse, I haven't looked into any dental school curriculum, nor do I want too so I will stay away from commenting on dental schools.
    While some programs are "part-time" the expectation is that you will study on your own... which takes away from your full time vs part time argument. We also have to prepare for tutorials and simulated patients (taking history, physical exams, etc..) which takes a lot time.
    With regards to stress.. sorry to break it to you, but you will find that here as well. While it is just a pass or fail, exams are not that easy and aside from that I sincerely hope you will strive for high marks because I personally wouldn't want a doctor that just passed (which again, adds stress). 
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    hartk48 reacted to Snowmen in Dropping out of Dental School   
    Man, I wish medical school was like a part-time job. Maybe clerkship or residency is where you get the easy hours.
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    hartk48 reacted to Butterfly_ in Dropping out of Dental School   
    If you want a lucrative lifestyle and prestige, perhaps you should consider careers outside of healthcare. 
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    hartk48 reacted to Arztin in What Is Your Opinion On The Help, Learn & Discover Program?   
    I have already voiced my opinion on this multiple times in the past and I have no energy repeating myself entirely, but this is what comes to my mind in no particular order.
    - paid vacations for rich kids to pad their CVs
    - FB profile pic with a poor black kid
    - FB pic with a stethoscope around your neck and SELFIE, although you have no idea how to use it
    - these kids commonly misplace bricks because they don't know how to lay bricks, and they think building unsafe buildings will help... 
    - you'd think you are learning about poverty + helping out while in reality you just perpetuate poverty there for a million of different reasons
    Edit2: why go elsewhere when poverty is a problem for many in Canada?
    I am strongly opposed to such BS, so do take what I say with a grain of salt, especially because I am tired and salty right now.
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    hartk48 reacted to premed_67 in question about ID photo we had to upload   
    thank you both so much!! you just lifted 100 bricks off my shoulders haha
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    hartk48 got a reaction from premed_67 in question about ID photo we had to upload   
    Doubt you'll have to resubmit, because your picture has been uploaded onto the server  
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    hartk48 reacted to Dalhousie AAMS in Ask a Med Student - Dalhousie, Class of 2023   
    Hey everyone! Big congrats to everyone who received an interview for Dal this year! A few of us current Med 1s have setup a facebook page (Ask a Med Student - Dalhousie Class of 2023) for you and anyone else interested to ask questions you may have, get some tips on the MMI, and connect with current students + applicants. We've posted some info in the group about the structure of the MMI and some prep material and will be adding more info as it becomes available. 
    We also have an email account: askadalmedstudent@gmail.com if you feel more comfortable sending us direct messages. 
    Good luck and we can't wait to meet you guys in November!!
    - AAMS Reps 
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    hartk48 reacted to MedMaybe3563 in Is the Medical Profession Slowly Deteriorating?   
    I know this is probably a troll post but personally I would rather see hard working, altruistic, genuine,  IMG's land residency in Canada over the handful of narcissistic CMG's with a god complex who probably lack in bedside manner and think the world revolves around them. 
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    hartk48 got a reaction from medschoolapp in URGENT question about today's OMSAS deadline - please help!   
    I would lean towards being "Received" by the deadline...  
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Grind101 in Document Section: What to Add?   
    unless asked from admissions
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    hartk48 got a reaction from Grind101 in Document Section: What to Add?   
    If I recall correctly you’ll see a confirmation that your transcripts and references have been processed.
    otherwise that section is used for post interview if admissions want more documents from you, like transcripts from the 2018-19 academic year..
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    hartk48 reacted to 011235813 in In your experience, is it worth buying Doing Right?   
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