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  1. Would definitely be trying to stay in Ontario. I have strong scores in USMLEs and could pursue that route but would only apply for programs that are 2 years in the States (many are 3). Let's see what happens, hopefully can make the most of the next 2 years in terms of networking/research. Would prefer to do specialty training in Ontario and then fellowships in the States.
  2. Appreciate the response! Yeah the ROS is definitely an obstacle that I need to think about, but that's very encouraging. Any idea how difficult matching into ID is?
  3. Hey Everyone, Recently matched to IM in Ontario as an IMG. Anyone have an insight on the ID job market? It's the field i'm most interested but also am very worried about trying to get into a sub-speciality and just have an horrendous time later finding a job. What do you think? Probably looking at Hematology as my second choice but everything could change.
  4. I would have thought Ottawa IM is stronger than Queens IM. But that's good to hear, since i'll probably be ranking in a similar way.
  5. I feel decent, but i'm good at supressing my anxiety until closer to the date lol. Had a few interviews I feel really good about and a bunch more meh ones. Either way it's all super subjective, but i'm keeping hopeful.
  6. My first two are pretty set in stone (Toronto/Mac), not sure how i'll rank the next 3 yet. There are great things about these two programs, and being close to home puts them over the top. To me, the appeal of some of the other programs is potentially a more collegial and balanced residency. I would probably go Ottawa and Western next but my GF really loves Kingston so might have to rank Queens higher lol.
  7. Toronto and Mac seem to be the toughest programs by a margin (in Ontario). I'm from Toronto and there's no way i'm not ranking it first but I feel like i'm sort of condemning myself here. Anyways let's hope I like IM as much as I think I do!
  8. If you have a moment, care to share your insights about the ontario IM programs?
  9. Very interested in this as well. If I could add a question, are Canadian IM programs happy for us to do electives in the States?
  10. If you're an IMG, the match to America should pull a few. Which program you waiting on? I'm on the Queen's waitlist - IMG
  11. My two IM interviews so far have been so stiff. No give and take, definitely don't feel like I had a perfect interview so far.
  12. On the Queen's IM waitlist, they've said they may reach out up to March 24th (last day of IMG interviews for Queen's)
  13. Really appreciate the response Bearded Frog. I agree, if I rank FM it's going to be with the intention of seeing it through and practicing within the scope of FM.
  14. email them back and tell them you haven't received it
  15. Hello, I am IMG applying for the current match cycle. Theoretically, my understanding is it is possible to swap residency programs once you start residency if you have a person to swap with and it is PGME approved. My question is if I have a ROS obligation could I swap with someone without one, especially if it is going from FM to IM or vice/versa? Just want to have a fully informed decision when I am deciding on my rank list. Anyone have insight into this sort of thing from an IMG point of view? Thanks! Edit: I put this here because i'm only interested in primary care s
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