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  1. Really appreciate the response Bearded Frog. I agree, if I rank FM it's going to be with the intention of seeing it through and practicing within the scope of FM.
  2. email them back and tell them you haven't received it
  3. Hello, I am IMG applying for the current match cycle. Theoretically, my understanding is it is possible to swap residency programs once you start residency if you have a person to swap with and it is PGME approved. My question is if I have a ROS obligation could I swap with someone without one, especially if it is going from FM to IM or vice/versa? Just want to have a fully informed decision when I am deciding on my rank list. Anyone have insight into this sort of thing from an IMG point of view? Thanks! Edit: I put this here because i'm only interested in primary care s
  4. Can anyone post what you've experienced as far as interview format for the various internal medicine programs across canada. I haven't seen much information about this and I am very curious! If you can and don't mind, specifying which program would much appreciated!
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