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  1. I had one WD on my transcript and got into med school fine It's a different story if one has multiple WDs though.
  2. I'm also in the English stream and didn't get the email! Maybe we'll receive it next week
  3. I am OOP and unilingual. I applied for the low SES initiative this year but I doubt they took it into consideration. In the last two years, people in the upper end of bin 2 have received offers in mid-June and this year's trend has been similar to the last two years for the most part. I believe there are still more offers to come. Fingers crossed everyone!!
  4. I got the email as well!! Finally got into med school after 3 years of rejection lol. Looks like the WL movement has finally reached 7:41 so don't lose hope guys!
  5. Stream (EN/FR): ENTime You Received E-mail: 7:41"Created" Time: 7:41:15wGPA : 3.92
  6. Result: Rejected Geography: IP GPA: 3.96 MCAT: 515 Degree: done BSc (2017), currently in MSc ECs: 7/17 Interview: Pass Felt horrible about my first station but other stations went pretty well. I guess getting a pass on the interview was not enough
  7. I don't think anyone can give you a 100% affirmative answer here unless it's something that is coming from the admissions office They seemed to have just started the verifier contacting process this past week so there is a chance your verifiers haven't been contacted yet. I wouldn't worry too much
  8. One of my verifiers was contacted earlier today!
  9. Result: Reject wGPA: 3.97 Year: 4th Year UG MCAT: 509 ECs: Music performance, Youth education, Few coordinator roles at student groups, Research, Volunteering at nursing homes, etc Geography: IP Oh well.. time to retake MCAT!
  10. It says "Include in your description the time commitment of each activity" under leadership/diversity sections so I would add hours to the descriptions for leadership/diversity sections as well!
  11. Alright - I'd better contact admissions office right away. Thanks guys!
  12. Hi all, My referee told me that she submitted the reference form today but on my application it still shows up as 'reference not received'. I know that for U of C, reference forms are processed immediately after the referee submits it and it shows up on your application as completed. Does it work differently for U of A? Thanks!
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