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  1. > Currently the AGPA is initially calculated from undergrad grades submitted by the application deadline; thereafter the AGPA is recalculated based on grades submitted after completion of courses between the time of application and completion of the academic year. However, the process of calculating the AGPA is work intensive and this causes delays in offers of admission while awaiting final grades. Now, the AGPA used in i) selection of applicants for interview and ii) selection of applicants for admission shall be calculated solely from grades identified in the official transcripts submitt
  2. Hey guys, I thought I'd start this thread. Cheers! GPA: DAT (Biology/Chem/RC/PAT): Interview performance (personal opinion): IP/OOP: Year:
  3. "Meru, who earned $225,000 as an orthodontist in 2017, makes monthly payments of $1,590 against his debt on a government-sponsored repayment plan, but that isn’t enough to cover the interest. His debt grows $130 a day, meaning his loan balance will exceed $2 million in two decades.After 25 years, Meru’s remaining balance will be forgiven at taxpayers’ expense." Paying $1590 per month for the next 25 years ~ $477,000 will almost cover the principle. His remaining debt will be forgiven and the burden will be placed on US taxpayers. But in doing so, he completely destroyed his credit scor
  4. @Dentistry101 If they intern, they get a stipend of 60K and get a certificate in OMFS after 1 yr. They don't have the title of OMFS. It's done for various reasons: increase chances to get into 4 or 6 yr OMFS program, have an extended inside view of OMFS life etc. Regardless, it's still a fairly competitive process.
  5. https://www.mcgill.ca/omfs/academic-programs/current-residents According to some of the student's linkedin, they immediate graduate with their BDS in Saudi Arabia and start at McGill omfs next yr. According to their past residents, 6 of the last 10 OMFS graduates come from Saudi dental schools (since 2010) (I checked by googling their names and backgrounds as most of them had publications) https://www.mcgill.ca/omfs/academic-programs/past-residents Why is there such a strong preference for Saudi international students?
  6. lmfao how do you not get a 30 if you have an extra 40 minutes for the RCT (where everything is in the book)
  7. I am going into my fourth year and did the first 3 years with 33, 24, and 30 credits respectively. I'm probably going to do 24 credits this year. In my first year I got a 3.7 GPA and in my last 2 years, I got 4.0s. I'm wondering if my lowest year gets dropped of while applying for the next cycle or do I have to complete 120 credits before I am eligible to drop my lowest my lowest year. Probably is a gamebreaker tbh Thanks!
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