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  1. to be honest, I don't want to pursue the application process again haha. Last year I didn't get any interviews and this year I put a lot of work on defining my ABS in a more CARMs friendly and personal way. So, if I don't get any again this year... I won't really know what to improve. idk I feel like I can't really keep improving and not knowing why I am not getting interviews is kind of frustrating. So I think I just want to move on in my life and pursue an alternative career in healthcare that I can enjoy just as much as medicine... currently I applied to optometry school so hopefully I get
  2. Is it a bad thing if they have not really contacted your verifiers? uoft or queens? Could be that my verifiers might not have told me but still... can't help thinking that since I have not heard about any of my verifiers being contacted, i am just thinking I will be rejected.
  3. Invite/Rejection: Rejection Time Stamp: 29/01/2018 - 6:45 PM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.95 Current year: UG complete ECs: lots of hospital volunteering, peer mentorship, research opportunities (abstracts, protocol development etc), involved in student learning opportunities, ... idk I guess my ECs are really basic than I thought but I really did try to hammer down the CARMs stuff down this time around and elaborated on how I developed skills and personality through what I did Casper: Felt it went better than last time, but I guess must have been pretty bad since Mac and Otta
  4. I know it's a bit early but honestly this year has been really stressful and I am afraid of not doing well in a course. Do you know what the schools ask for in terms of maintaining your average? It would be a miracle for me to get an interview, much less get accepted but just incase I wanted to know so I can quell (or increase) my worries
  5. I did submit though.. this was just a screenshot of like the completed application they show you.. LOL HOW DO I OMSAS. i guess i should call them and figure that out
  6. I did but like it just shows the application I sent and under MCAT it says: the most recent date, and the AAMC ID... where am I supposed to be looking ( I forgot from last year haha)
  7. where do you check if they recieved your MCAT or not?
  8. @jumpjump0904 I did! They said that it should appear immediately after it has gone through that reference has been received (confirmed it when another reference sent theirs in).... I asked my referee to do it again (he has not responded so I am like infinitely stressing right now).
  9. ugh that's worrying, he said he did it today... but it still says email sent. might call OMSAS tomorrow.
  10. Hey sorry I don't have an answer to your question, but a question instead (don't hate me LOL). But how fast did it say reference received after you referee submitted the letter? Mine supposedly did it today but just wondering if it should update immediately or not.
  11. Ugh same.... Am I already in the reject pile and just being held out on Such a frustrating process but fingers crossed as we continue to wait I guess.
  12. Hi everyone, So it has been a difficult few weeks getting rejected from Queen's. I was really counting on getting an interview especially after the positivity from fellow applicants, friends and family about my chances. Of course, I understand that nothing is guaranteed and that this viewpoint is really subjective and sometimes even candidates far better than me are rejected. In terms of numbers: cGPA: 3.72 2 Year GPA: 3.96 MCAT: 128 /127/130/129 Some ABSs which I feel represent me and as a result I had stuck with long term: Long time member of club on campus (since first year and
  13. Hi just wondering if anyone has taken Physics 202 at Athabasca and would be willing to sell their labs/notes and other stuff, Thanks
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