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  1. Would it be appropriate to have stats in a letter to the editor? And then if I do add stats, would it be appropriate to have references like "(WHO, 2015)" in the letter?
  2. Hi everyone! So quick question, is it worth applying to Western if I am not SWOMEN and have a MCAT score of 128/128/130/130 and a wGPA of 3.93? My only concern is the 128 CARS score. Is it worth a shot to apply?
  3. cGPA: 3.87 (in my 3rd year right now) MCAT: 127/126/127/131 - 511 overall ECs: research, tutoring, club leadership, campus program leader, nursing home volunteer for the past 4 years, hospital, etc Should I retake? I am not a fan of my CARS score but I feel like other than Western and Mac, its pretty good. What do you guys think?
  4. Hey, found this on the FAQs on OMSAS: As you long as you submit before the deadline, I think you should be fine.
  5. Hey guys! I am looking to apply to some US med schools next cycle. Currently, I am choosing my third year courses and I wanted to make sure I pick all the courses that fill the requirements. On my university transcript, I have 6 English credits (two semesters) as transfer credits that I got from taking IB English HL in high school. There is no grade associated with it but it just says 'T' for transfer credits. I was wondering if this would fill the requirement for full year English that is required by many of the US med schools? Also, another question I have is, for the schools that require a
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