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  1. TIME STAMP: checked at 10h30 Result: Regrets GPA: 3.87 ECs (CV): pretty well balanced CV ( research, volunteering, awards). Year: Master's Feelings about Casper: went just like every year Applicant category: IP This is my fourth time applying. I got an invite every year and my rankings pre interview are usually in the top 50. Last year, I was 20th on the Outaouais waitlist but it stopped at the 19th candidat. I don't know what to make of this. I just think I'm cursed at this point. Please don't let my
  2. Oui, tu as le droit. Par contre, tu ne peux envoyer qu'un seul casper par université.
  3. Edited Some people who are accepted in the OUTA list are still waiting on an answer from MTL. They are mainly in late 40's or early 50's. And that especially considering the fact that there are only 4 spots in OUTA for Uni category.
  4. Being on the waitlist is such rollercoaster. I was sad at first, then saw the waitlist moving and got happy, then it stopped moving and got sad again and now it's moving again. I feel that it's more emotionally exhausting then being refused right off the bat. I want to consider myself already refused to not hang on false hope, but it's so hard!
  5. I second @meddstudent2020 on that and also Ottawa if I am not mistaken which is usually around May the 14th. I don't know about other Canadian universities but I am pretty sure they didn't all release their answers yet. Also, the reason why there was a movement today is because one of the candidates posted earlier this week that they gave up their offer for a career change.
  6. I noticed the font too. It's funny and sad at the same time haha. Thewaitlist will probably be stagnant until mid May. If it helps you focus on something else.
  7. It most likely means that the 12 people that were moved from the OUTA waitlist, where also in the mtl waitlist and they were moved by default.
  8. It's the question of the year ( other than the question : where Sars-cov-2 really originated from) haha. I still don't think I have a chance, but I'm happy it is moving fast
  9. If they agreed to increase the number of seats in Outaouais, wouldn't we have seen a movement of the Outaouais waitlist instead of Montreal?
  10. I thought I was refused at first. TIME STAMP: I am not sure but I checked in the early evening Result: Waitlisted : MTL #54 , OUTA #20 Pre-req GPA: 3.77 MCAT: No Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): Felt horrible compared to last year. Kept wondering if the decisions I had made were right. Year: finishing M.Sc IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: these waitlist numbers are confusing me... I don't know if they are good news or bad news. Congratulations to all those who got the sweet news of acceptance! All of you worked so hard ! For those who
  11. Last year it was 30 for IP. With the new campus the WL seems to be extended but it's so odd. I don't get why....
  12. I doubt it... The limitation comes from the spots allowed by the government and not the medical school itself. That been said, it could be different this time...
  13. Result: invite ! wGPA: 3,89 MCAT: N/A ECs: PM me for more details but I believe that I have a balanced CV overall with publications , conferences, awards, organizing events with various non-profit organizations, consistently volunteering locally and abroad and hobbies ( electronic devices troubleshooting, recreational diving, science awareness blog, self-taught languages). Casper : I think I did good. The only preparation I did was on how to structure the answer framework. Letter of EC: Yes, but it's not relevant as that year doesn't count in my undergrad, but I submitted on
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