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  1. Hey, I'm a current pharm student going into my 3rd year. I was in your same position a couple years ago, seeing people getting accepted without having my transcripts requested yet. No need to panic! I didn't get accepted until towards the end of June. And to anyone who doesn't get accepted at the end of June, if you don't get a rejection letter, you still have a chance! People get accepted up until September when people drop out of their spots. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  2. As a second year student, yes, I can confirm that your Beartracks schedule will have time conflicts! Don't worry about this though, the faculty works this out, and it's mainly because most classes don't last a whole semester. My best advice would be to download your schedule into your google calendar, alongside the one Rae sent you. That way, you will be able to see which sections you're actually enrolled in, along with the extra things in Rae's calendar that don't show up in Beartracks!
  3. To everyone who is still worrying about not being accepted... DO NOT WORRY YET!! It's still super early in the game! As it was mentioned earlier, last year, my transcripts weren't requested until the beginning of June, and I got accepted closer to the end of the month. If this admission cycle is anything like last year, the majority of people should start finding out if they are accepted by the end of this upcoming week! Also, don't worry about creating a facebook page for your class yet! That will be done for you, and as you get accepted, you will be emailed an invitation to join that group!
  4. I remember last year, people started getting admitted on like June 9th, which was like a week before transcripts were due. It was so stressful seeing people admitted before the university had my transcripts! But, only a few people get admitted early. Most acceptance emails go out at the end of the month. Good luck!
  5. Anyone understand how to read the schedules we got? Do we follow the one that we could have downloaded from beartracks, or the one that rae just sent?
  6. Does anyone actually have a class schedule yet? Or have any idea when we should be getting one??
  7. I believe that it is a separate tuition, as a 'spring course.' On another note, has anyone heard anything from the university? I guess they are busy with admissions right now, but I'm hoping that we will hear about registering for courses soon!
  8. I worked in a pharmacy for 4 years while in high school and university. While they say work experience isn't necessary, I think it helps a lot. Having experience makes it easier to answer questions on the LOI and interview.
  9. Does anyone know if we are supposed to build our own schedules and register in classes, or will the faculty be doing that for us?
  10. I emailed Rae for a confirmation just to make sure, because otherwise I would be a nervous wreck! My account summary says the same thing, but I think I'll call tomorrow to confirm that as well!
  11. Rae said that it will be later this summer. She said that we might not hear anything for the next little bit, just because they are so busy with admissions right now.
  12. I also have a random question for those that have been admitted. Where do you pay the $175 fee online? When I go on beartracks, it just says that I have no fees at this time.
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