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  1. I had an overall average of 79.8% first year, but was able to improve drastically for my next 3 years. Don't get discouraged, there is a learning curve that comes along with starting university (at least there was for me) and once you figure out what study habits work for you, you will improve, I have no doubt. Figure out what held you back second semester and work on it, if medicine is what you want you can definitely attain it. NAQ looks pretty solid as of first year standing. Try finding some more leadership type roles, and do something thats out of your comfort zone like a dance clas
  2. Take a breath my dude and chill haha we'll get the registration date when we do! You've given your acceptance deposit and accepted the offer, your seat is yours. It's not going anywhere, stop stressing and enjoy your summer haha =]
  3. Hey! Sorry to hear that TD wasn't able to accommodate you better. I honestly think it was the advisor who wasn't well educated in the LOC process for medical students, because all these features aren't dependent on the student, they should be guaranteed for you. Even on TD's homepage it explicitly states the benefits they have, which include the All-Inclusive account rebated for 4 years (usually 30$ a month if you can't keep a 5000 balance) which would then include any visa, with its fee being waived, and every other bonus that comes with the All-Inclusive account. Regardless, if scot
  4. I also think there is some luck as to whom you follow in the MMI style interviews. From my experience, the person that was leaving the rooms I was entering looked extremely nervous and I could see the sweat on his forehead, and I'm assuming he wasn't doing super great. So by being the person that went into the room right after him, I think my answers probably just seemed better because I was a lot calmer and confident. I don't know how much it influenced everything, but it was probably beneficial.
  5. The calculation was 1.57907xAGPA- 111.0834. So you're AQ would be 23.57 with an average of 85.275, and OOP minimum TFR was 63.16, so you'd need an NAQ of at least 39.59. The average GPA for OOP is 92% though so they get a little more freedom in the NAQ department, but it definitely is possible for you!
  6. No way of knowing unless you apply! As they say you miss 100% of the shots you don't take haha!
  7. Your extracurriculars look fantastic to me! But yeah the GPA wouldn't meet the minimum 85% for OOP to receive a full fill review, so you would have to be IP. I'm sure you would also have awesome references, and since you have a lot of life experience, would do very well on the interview. I think one unknown is how did you do on your MCAT, or do you have yet to write it? If you haven't written it yet, I think you would need to get in the higher than average percentile (higher then 515) to compensate for the lower GPA. Also you mentioned pre-reqs, UBC no longer requires pre-req courses for
  8. "The selection of candidates is made by consensus of the Admissions Selection Committee. Preference is given to residents of British Columbia. Up to 10% of seats (maximum 29) may be available to out-of-province applicants in the medical program each year." http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/selection/ It's not that 29 initially get offers, its that 29 maximum will get offers. If 29 OOP don't fall into the top, lets say 300 students, then less OOP will be offered a seat. Post-interview all applicants are assigned a number from 1-660 (I'm assuming) and are given an offer based on the
  9. Hey everyone, I'm planning to just chill this summer before actually starting medical school. I will be doing some travelling, a whole lot of eating, and just enjoying life. But on my down time or travelling time, are there any blogs/podcasts people recommend reading/listening to, specifically to do with medical school? Thanks fam!
  10. I don't think anyone is better per say. It honestly depends on what you're looking for in a Visa Card. The travel cards are all going to be very similar (similar interest rates, perks etc.). But each bank will also have unique cards like TD has the Cash back master card which gives you a percent back on certain purchases (groceries, gas, bills etc.) and scotiabank has that scene card which lets you accumulate points for movies. Every bank is basically going to offer the same type of products, they can't have major discrepancies or one would always be better then the others, and since they're a
  11. It's not necessarily commission per say, it's more of the fact that they're creating a long-term customer which generates a huge amount of volume for them, and for TD. So they have sales goals they have to meet, and by getting someone to sign up for a 275,000 LOC, TD will make a crap load of money in the long run, and that advisor will get all the 'credit' for that.
  12. I work at TD so these mof*ckas better give me the same offer lol I already have the First Class Travel Visa and the All-Inclusive Checking account, gonna go sit with an advisor this week to open up the LOC. They get crazy sales for opening that, so I know they would be more then willing to do it. I hope as an employee I can get a super competitive interest rate, even though yours sounds pretty spectacular already.
  13. My 2 cents.... I think you have a relatively good MCAT score! But, getting a higher score (98% with a minimum 128 in CARS) would open so many more doors for you at other Canadian Medical Schools. If however, UBC is your dream school and the only one you can see yourself going to, then I don't think you need to rewrite. I definitely wouldn't rewrite unless you can commit the time and energy into getting a good score; if you're already having doubts of your ability to have the time to improve your score, I wouldn't recommend it. Since your AQ is a bit on the lower side, I think having a
  14. http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/88188-we-are-some-first-year-year-ubc-medicine-students-ask-us-anything/?p=1038985 The answer you're looking for!
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