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  1. Has anyone heard about the integrated care of the elderly FM residency program in Winnipeg? It looks like the first year is pretty similar to the general FM- urban stream in Winnipeg. You don't start anything related to COE until 2nd year. Looking for pros/cons about FM at Manitoba generally or the integrated care of the elderly program. Thanks!!
  2. I went back to med school at 32. I had previously worked as a RN >> NP. While I am one of the older students, I am definitely not the oldest. There are at least 5-6 people who are in their late 30s to early 40s. The hardest part was transitioning from a full time job with a good salary, benefits and pension back to student life. That, and learning how to study for med school as it was different than studying in the other programs I had been in. I'm really happy with my decision to go back and become a MD but you do feel old at times compared to some of the other students fresh out of the
  3. As a NP who is now a M3, I can comment that it's almost always the EMR that simply labels all providers using it as MD (even SW for example). If you don't go in manually and change the settings for that person, it stays as MD. Alternatively, this NP could have completed her DNP (doctor of nursing practice) which is offered in the USA. It doesn't sound to me as if she were representing herself as an MD, it sounds like a clerical error or misunderstanding at the admin level.
  4. I am wondering about this too. I am thinking about doing either peds or FM. Right now, I am looking at doing 3 peds electives and 4 other electives (2 women's health, 1 derm, 1 geriatrics). Not sure if doing an extra peds elective (so 4 instead of 3) would make me more competitive for peds or if doing the above would be fine as well.
  5. Hi all, I am interested in doing either Family Medicine or a residency in Pediatrics. I recently found out that Western has a +1 in Child Health. Has anyone done a Child Health +1 who can compare it to a peds residency? If a FMD can tailor their practice and only see peds pts, what would be the main difference between the +1 and an actual residency in peds? Thanks!
  6. Anyone have a really great 2 in 1 laptop they would recommend?? I am looking at getting the Surface Book as I think the screen size on the Surface Pro is just a little too small. Any opinions or recommendations?? Thanks!
  7. Anyone have a really great 2 in 1 laptop they would recommend? I am looking at the Surface Book as I think the Surface Pro is just too small screen size. Any thoughts or opinions?? Thanks!
  8. I am 32 and starting med school in Sept. I'm not bothered by my age at all- I know I likely won't be the oldest person there. Average age usually goes from mid 20s to mid 30s.
  9. I also want to know this!! And what province/city are you in?
  10. Hi Frank, I had an initial meeting with a Scotia advisor today and asked about the Momentum Infinite. They said no as the bank would be paying the fees but you would be getting cashback. They said if I wanted it, I would have to pay for it. Any help/suggestions?
  11. What would people recommend for PC laptops? I am not a Mac person at all. TIA.
  12. I think your ECs are great! If you want to use them on your application, you have to have a verifier for each activity so start thinking about a boss, colleague, friend, etc. and get their contact info for your application. So each activity needs a verifier for it to be considered "legit" but other than that, you can use whatever type of activity you want. They did stress at my school that long term commitments look better than lots of short term (ie. 1 day events) activities. BTW, I am a RN-->NP--> and now starting med school in the fall. Good luck!!
  13. Looks like our footer displays with Applied/Interviewed/Accepted have all been deleted? Anyone know how to put this back?
  14. Hi Corona, I also want the Infinite Momentum/ScotiaGold combo instead of the AmEx/ScotiaGold combo. Did they give you grief about changing from AmEx to Infinite Momentum or no problem at all to change? Also are the fees for both waived for all years until repayment or just for the first year? Thanks.
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