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  1. the best way to get to VT. is driving. it takes 8-9 hours and its cheap. Flying is way to expensive and i dont recommend it....other options from TO: 1) take greyhound from toronto directly to burlington 2) take via to montreal and then greyhound to burlington.
  2. its hard to do research first year. but look for summer fellowship for undergrades starting in jan/feb..
  3. I take this back. I believe we will start learning about "defensive medicine" once I start doing my rotations. its too early to tell
  4. its definitely weird to study medicine in the US. but i do not agree with the statement that schools teach "defensive medicine"...
  5. um what's your question? you probably could find some in SDN
  6. your grades are good, and mcat too. apply to schools that I did...check my mdapps add other schools like jefferson, I forgot those
  7. I know people who got interviews at BU. I think one of them got accepted...
  8. Nope. Take 4 courses too. They dont even care about course load. Weird, all along I took 5 damm courses. heh
  9. wayne state prescreens. so if you get a secondary, there is 50% shot of getting an interview. All the secondary questions were basically all the same (with few exceptions). I pretty much had 2 full page length of unique stuff that I inserted in every school's secondary answer (34 schools or so I applied to). Sometimes ONLY changing the NAME of the school. lol. But make sure you have the correct name.
  10. http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=187352 Also use the above link...here you will find match lists from XX to 2006.
  11. Yes you should be fine. But dont leave it in the summer though. Most schools want your course work done by late june. since schools start in aug.
  12. Little hint I stressed to everyone was to send your transcripts first. If you submitted BEFORE you sent in the transcripts, you are not place in line. Only when the transcripts are received are you placed in the queue. Sucks I know, I was delayed over a month and a bit because I didnt know that...but for those of you who are still waiting to submit...send in your transcripts NOW.
  13. I remember moving to jeddah because sadam's bombs could not reach us there. I lived in Riyadh and was present when 3 scuds were launched. Really terrifying experience. AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A CANADIAN PASSPORT. you have nothing to worry about! and visa issue will never haunt you. other than the normal Canadian visa issues after med. F1 (student visa) is really easy to get as a canadian citizen...
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