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  1. have any one completed the registration with BC pharmacy college yet? I tried but I can't open a eService account and do we have to complete all two steps? Like getting a notarized copy of my id's and all that.
  2. Got an acceptance today from the waitlist!! So still a lotta hope for all of yall that's on the waitlist, gl! So excited to meet y'all this Sep!
  3. do you guys know are there people that are already rejected or we all have to wait until the very last minute?
  4. have anyone in the waitlist heard anything back after the last enrollment letters on this thread? I am really starting to get frustrated
  5. lol it has been legit 2 weeks and I still haven't heard anything back, this is so scary :-(
  6. I called carol last friday and she told me no waitlist emails had been sent out yet
  7. not really, she did looked at my application and said I should be expecting a reply b4 mid June...
  8. I called carol friday and she said they are still looking to fill the openings so its not like all of the offers had already been sent out...hopefully lol
  9. ^ and do people know usually how many people gets accepted from the waitlist(especially last year)
  10. Still nothing...did anyone hear anything back? Last yr's seems like a lot of ppl already knew wether they r accepted or not by June 1st
  11. So...did nobody hear nothing back from them since last thursday at all... God i am actually gonna have a panic attack
  12. so did no one received anything yesterday? or today? omg we really have to wait for another week
  13. I know rht. Ugh my entire weekend is going to be ruined lol
  14. Did anyone received anything today? Hearing completely nothing back is actually so scary.
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