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  1. It is hard to say, however Runner5 briefly touched upon this based on his/her experience.
  2. Hey Rpsi, I feel like there is some variability between each year when the admission results come out (since the number of applicants each year isn't necessarily the same every year) as well as considering that the letter of intent's format also changed this application cycle. I believe that last year offers were given out between early June and throughout July (roughly).
  3. I practiced with the questions provided just to get more comfortable with the system and the whole process itself. I also prepared myself by coming up with questions about healthcare and personal experiences as well as my responses to those questions. I found it to be really awkward at first but I became more comfortable with practice. In terms of the due date, I would maybe send an email to Rae just to clarify the official date. All the best !
  4. Hey manos13, It happened to me a couple times last year after practicing about a dozen times. I'm assuming that my connection at home wasn't the best but I managed to get a stable connection during the interview. You could give campus a try just to see how the connection is there!
  5. Hey Lil_pink, Last year practice questions ranged from like 40 seconds to like 2 minutes but the interview was about 5 minutes in total with a small break inbetween each question, I'm not sure if it will be the same this year. Hope that helps!
  6. I don't think it is required, but I did mine last year when registering since it didn't take that long. Good Luck on interviews everyone !
  7. Hey Boboeat, If you haven't already, I think you should definitely check out their FAQs! They do answer a little bit more regarding how admission averages are calculated. Here's the link: https://www.ualberta.ca/pharmacy/programs/undergraduate-bsc-in-pharmacy/prospective-student/frequently-asked-questions Hope that helps!
  8. Hey pharmacy2016, I continued to take courses to complete my degree after completing my prerequisite courses, which consisted of random electives and some science classes. From my understanding (correct me if I am wrong), if you have your prerequisite courses completed you can take any courses you want combined with the prerequisites however from the FAQ it says that: "We encourage to take courses related to pharmacy prerequisites, such as genetics, microbiology, nutrition, pharmacology, and other science-oriented courses." Courses like such can make some components in PHARM 306
  9. Hi kmiksche, Last year interview invites were sent out on April 20th and the Online Interview due date was on June 5th by midnight. It might not be the same this year but I hope you can use these dates as a rough estimate!
  10. I heard from someone else that it does count as fulfilling the prerequisites for 6* english as long as your IB English score is 4 or greater. I could be wrong but it is best to double check with admissions. Hope that helps !
  11. Hi hansen.adam96, I believe you can join the Facebook group by clicking on the link provided by the welcome class of 2020 email and then entering your ualberta email. It will be shortly approved by one of the administrators in the group. Hope that helps!
  12. No I don't think this step is required if you are already a U of A student !
  13. Hi PharmStew, I am also in the same situation as you and I emailed Rae last week and she informed me that there are actually no published expectations for which courses can be used as options and the grades do not count toward your GPA in Pharmacy. The only 'rules' in the UofA calendar states that you cannot use a course that was a prerequisite to get you admitted to the program and you cannot use two 100-level courses in the same subject (for example, ECON 101 and ECON 102). I also listed four classes to see whether they were transferable and Rae got back to me saying that they were tr
  14. Does it still say decision pending beside admission decision? Maybe try calling the student centre office and ask!
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