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  1. Western usually do decently in CARMS. What's concerning is they have never sent this email out before in the past, AFAIK.
  2. This email was sent to all preclerks and clerks at Western this morning: Good morning Schulich Meds, As you know, CaRMS Match Day is around the corner. It is likely that you will hear details of results and perhaps whispers of how many of our learners did not match to a residency program. We appreciate and understand this information has an effect on you. Please know our priority is supporting our unmatched learners as they digest this information and prepare for Round 2. Know that we will provide data on the 2021 match to learners in earlier cohorts sometime following th
  3. A bit more info that Schulich revealed during orientation: Out of those with graduate degrees, 3 people have PhDs, and I believe most of the others are peeps with masters. Not too sure how they defined professional degrees here... Technically, B.Eng and BScN are both professional degrees? The people who were from non-Canadian schools: 2 from Oxford, 1 from Brown, 1 from Northwestern
  4. Take the DDS!!! If you don't end up liking it, you could always reapply the next cycle - my friend did that and is at McGill for MD now!
  5. I have some questions about Western's MD/PhD interview. Wondering if there is any upper years that I could PM. Thanks so much!
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