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  1. As a first year med student, should I be focusing on school? Should I be focusing on trying new activities? Should I keep up my old activities from undergrad? Does it matter at all in the end? So many questions...
  2. I got into medical school this year, but I don't know if I need my copy of Doing Right anymore. Would it be useful for CARMS interviews? Or should I just sell it? Thanks!
  3. @Big Shaq, in their terms and conditions you have to be an entirely new customer (ie, never had any accounts with RBC, including any you have closed). https://www.rbcroyalbank.com/dms/pba/open-an-account/_assets-custom/includes/ipad-terms-and-conditions.html
  4. My friend got an Ipad from RBC last year? Do you know if they're going to that again this year?
  5. Does anyone know where I can take mandarin classes or tutors that are ~affordable? I'm a complete beginner.
  6. I'm being a bit paranoid, but does StudentAidBC have access to your bank account balances? I want to apply for student loans/bursaries, but if they have access to my balance, doesn't that make me less likely to get a loan?
  7. Lol, I just went into RBC yesterday and they said I need a proof of enrolment letter (acceptance letter wasn't enough for my branch).
  8. Also remember that you need at least 90 credits to be eligible (by the time you get accepted). Taking only 4 courses per term might delay you.
  9. Thanks for doing this! Is tuition actually $20,000/yr (there have been some posts about how *most* med students get bursaries to help with the cost - are they substantial)? Are there scholarships to help with the financial burden of med school? Did you find that there was still a competitive environment among classmates? Does matching to a residency in BC look bleak (I'm considering family medicine, but have heard so many horror stories of unmatched med students over the past few years - what do you know about it so far)? If you could go back and change anything about your
  10. I'm having a bit of trouble deciding what to wear to my UBC MMI interview. (I've already interviewed once), and I noticed many people wearing black/blue/grey. Are "other" colors like burgundy, dark purple, taupe, etc appropriate? Would less-traditional colors distract the interviewer from my answers, or will it help me stand out? Would love to hear your guys' opinions.
  11. So I've been getting conflicting advice on reading Doing Right. I'm not sure I want to spend $90 on a book that may/may not help me in my UBC interview. For those that did read it and had an interview, did you find it helpful? Can I find the same info (for free) elsewhere? Would it come in handy in the future?
  12. Does anyone know how much they weigh the MCAT post-interview? I've just been seeing some horror stories of people with high AQ/NAQ/above average interview getting rejections...
  13. 1st time applying, 1st time interviewing. Didn't read Doing Right or any other medical ethics/MMI books, went to a couple UBC sessions but I didnt' find it as useful as practicing one-on-one with close friends. Felt very nervous before and during interview, didn't really feel like I made a connection with any of the interviewers, and just had a sinking feeling about the whole thing. Got the rejection today and I'm sure it was because of the below average interview. Any advice on how to improve? Any success stories?
  14. Does anyone know how the adcom look at MCAT scores? Is it just a cutoff thing, or does it actually factor into whether you will get an interview/acceptance?
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