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  1. lol yeah, I agree thats all great and I appreciate them for it but the price bump from $35/day to $50/day after such a long period of having a deal like that is what bums me out. I've rented from enterprise via the CMA discount for over 3 years so I'm just surprised by the price change.
  2. Yeah I ended up going with them again, the service is definitely great but my only concern was having to spend more than I usually had to. Hoping its just a price bump due to making up COVID losses or random high-season rate.
  3. I went to use our CMA discount for enterprise rentals and noticed instead of paying ~35/day its at ~50/day? Is that because it's the busy season right now and the discount is reduced or is that the new normal? I had booked earlier in the summer at 35 so I'm pretty confused why its not the same price it's always been.
  4. Im very curious as to what the branding on the bag would be since it previously had CMA's logo
  5. Did the letters for waitlist/regrets give the average score breakdown too? i.e. average score for interview, average score for supplemental etc?
  6. Do they round your average GPA? Or is it a rounding of each year and then averaged, and then rounded again? I'm assuming the former, but just checking!
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