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  1. anyone else's application fall through the cracks like mine? Nothing here
  2. @kamikama101 Did you end up calling OMSAS? One of mine's also showing up as email sent, although they have already submitted it.
  3. Hi! I'm looking for a MMI partner (1-2ppl) to prep for interviews long term, starting this summer. Had interviews this cycle, either rejected/waitlisted post-interview, so I am trying to get a head start this time around to improve for next cycle. I am in Vancouver, but will be happy to connect over skype as well. PM me ~jumpjump
  4. Yup - I got my invite timestapmed 1:01PM PST! Feb 7 is the date to book the interviews See you soon everyone!
  5. Hi everyone, Hope you are enjoying your well-earned holidays! Just a quick question about interview logistics at UBC as it is my first time interviewing there - does UBC supply/allow paper and pencils for MMI stations, for interviewees that want to jot down quick notes? Thank you!
  6. If you are invited to interview, they will only release AQ/NAQ scores for post-interview rejections. So, hopefully you will never find out about your scores!
  7. I've written the MCAT & canadian DAT not too far apart. I wrote the MCAT in late August, and DAT in November this year, and I am happy pitch in. They are quite different exams actually - I would say MCAT, there's definitely more APPLYING of knowledge in Chem/Phys/Bio sections whereas DAT involves more rote memorization. I also found it odd that DAT bio seemed a little skewed in terms of their coverage of topics; be sure to read up on ecology/evolution for DAT, as those are the topics you likely won't have covered for MCAT. For CARS/reading comprehension, MCAT passages are much dens
  8. If they've come out already for the first wave, it would be reasonable to expect at least a couple rejection posts by now. I have a terrible feeling the rejection waves may continue tomorrow..
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