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  1. I actually feel like it's super subjective... I felt way more confident and better in my answers this year, but did way worse. I bet some interview groupd had super hardcore markers, and then the others were more easy going.
  2. IP GPA: 3.88 DAT: 71 Interview: 30..... I'm so shocked since I got 37 on the interview last year
  3. I am wondering that too, if they have a minimum GPA after reviewing all the applicants? But! Then why would they even let me have an interview regardless if they do that, and it also says on the UofA website that the absolute minimum GPA is 3.00, and above 3.50 is to be competitive. So in my mind, it gives hope to the lesser high GPA candidates. If they considered my best years and deleted the years where I had family issues that affected my performance, I would be sitting at 3.84.... Lame
  4. Well I am going to ask them tomorrow in person how they calculate their GPA, since I even asked on numerous occasions if they thought I stood a chance to get into the UofA. However, they gave the most useless feedback. I had another opportunity to go to Boston, but why leave my friends and family and spend half a million dollars on tuition if there is a chance to get in here?
  5. Hmm I beg to differ on their DAT score and interviews, I don't consider a 29 Interview or 61 DAT decent (No offense to the ones that got those). But if you account for 50% GPA, 25%DAT, 25% Interview, my cumulative scores are still higher than Hammerheadweds and _dreamville. Cumulatively I'm at a 84.2, and they are 83.9 and 83.7 respectively. So?
  6. So I'm confused, I'm IP (maybe not the most stellar GPA), but I thought I would have been at least wait-listed: GPA: 3.65 DAT: 71 Interview: 37
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