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  1. Hi Bobcat, I found FAQ reflect accurately for me for the most part; however, there may be discrepancy in terms of whether the admission favours your overall grade (emphasis on recent grades) or your prerequisite mark. The two university links (admission site and University Calendar site) gave contradictory information to each other. For those applying after 1 or 2 years, their prerequisite grade and overall grade is practically the same thing. I have finished my degree, so when I applied, I phoned the office and the office told me that 2 years ago, applicants used be ranked based on th
  2. I agree! Some pharmacy courses are taught for 6 hours a week (7.5 hours a week for Pharm 321 in the beginning); during those times, I find they teach you the information at a faster pace than in the courses I have taken in faculty of science before, so it definitely helps if you already retained lots of knowledge from previous upper level science courses. Also, with the way courses run (a lot of them end during the middle of the term), you may be having finals while your friends in other faculties might be having midterms, so for those of you that don't try to cram everything the night before
  3. I think you only need 1... I don't think I have heard of anyone in my class that handed in more than 1 pharmacist consultation
  4. Hey, another class of 2020 here! When I phoned the faculty to ask that question last year(I finished my degree right before admission to pharmacy school, so I have 4 years of coursework), they told me there's more emphasis on cumulative GPA, they also said that the year before that or perhaps two years ago, the emphasis was on prereq GPA. When my friend phoned, someone else told them the emphasis was on prereq GPA, but based on the response I got, I'd like to believe the emphasis is still on cumulative GPA As for the interview, I believe the stat we got was around 400 people received inter
  5. Maybe check beartracks under application to see if it says "decision pending" or "quota filled"?
  6. Please ignore the above message I posted, another Facebook group has been created!
  7. Hi all, congratulations to everyone that got admitted! I created a Facebook group for pharmacy class of 2020, feel free to join and meet other students who will be starting pharmacy this fall! Here's the site: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1179560382096825 For those who are still waiting, don't give up hope yet! I heard that some students may get admitted just a few days before school starts!
  8. According to ualberta cost calculator for first year pharmacy this year: tuition - $9986.56; books and supplies - $1600.00; non instructional fees - $1570.13 All that adds up to an estimated cost of $13156.69, of course there are probably ways to save on fees other than the tuition. Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe tuition increase in later years of pharmacy
  9. I volunteered in a hospital for 4 years, I also volunteered in a medical centre reading prescription and making herbal medicine for one summer. And as well, in my interview, I got to talk about working at Fort Edmonton Park as a costumed historical interpreter. I have done a lots of other extracurricular and volunteering but I didn't get a chance to mention it in my LOI or interview. I got admitted as a first time applicant, hope this help any future applicants!
  10. Hi, please don't lose hope! My first year GPA was exactly 2.5 at the U of A and I also took a majority of my prerequisite courses for pharmacy in my first year. I got my BSc degree this year with distinction and was admitted into pharmacy today. So you definitely have a chance!
  11. I think you are just enrolled automatically, so no building schedule should be required
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