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  1. I had the same question since I took a semester doing online courses to live in the UK for 6 months. I emailed essentially all of the Canadian med schools (aside from the French only ones) and all said that they accept online courses as long as they are from an accredited school. Ottawa was the only school to specify that, while online courses are fine, labs must be done on campus. I would just take caution and complete labs on campus anyways, but other than that... Yes. Online courses are fine.
  2. Given the clear capability of your school work, as well as having a range of research positions and EC's that seem to be both in and out of healthcare/science, I think that schools wouldn't be too preoccupied with a lack of paid work experience. If you had more gaps in your EC's you would have more to worry about. Relax. I think you'll be fine. Just keep up the good work!
  3. I want to avoid doing a second undergrad if possible. If worst comes to worst and I find that I still need to make improvements after the 2018 application year, I would more so look into a master's. UBC has a pretty low IP minimum of ~75% I believe, but that is a minimum. Doesn't guarantee competitive grades. Thanks for your help though! Would have thought I'd be SOL for US but I'll have a look. Thanks! Really gonna work on boosting my EC's and creating an upward trend these two years.
  4. Hey there! I've been an avid lurker here lately but decided to seek opinions on my situation. I've wanted to go to med school since I was a wee little thing, wimped out due to lack of confidence in my capabilities with Uni sciences (before even taking the courses sigh... -.-), and have recently decided that since it is what I am really passionate about, that it is worth the work and time commitment to get there. However, my undergrad experience is slightly different: Major: Double Major in Psych. and English Lit. (Arts) at UBC (BC resident) Cumulative GPA (of my first 3 years - going into
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