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  1. My mistake! I am a little ways off from applying, was just wondering! Not sure that detail you pointed out is very important to the nature of the post, thanks anyways
  2. Hi beautifuls, So I know U of A allows people to apply in their second year.. What is the 'wow' factor with these young applicants? Is it outstanding academic performance, EC's? The whole package? Surely there must be some sort of factor which can show the ability to handle so much (medical school) at such a young age. I hope everyone is having a great day.
  3. Hi there! Congrats on your new found passion. A 3.5 GPA is not the end of the world... especially after 2nd year. KILL it in your last two years and potentially take a fifth and you'll be eligible for quite a few schools. I know Western takes two years, U Ottawa takes 3 and etc. Those schools are OOP for you which makes things a little more difficult but not impossible. When you say "no" science background, do you mean none even from high-school? If you've at least got some bio/chem/physics from high school, you can begin using Khan academy to self teach some basic university scien
  4. MEDNUT97


    Very interesting comment, I agree. I have a few tattoos, one that is sort of visual on the inside of my upper arm. It has great significance and is usually taken well, even by the old folk! I am not a med student yet, but I do hospital research and spend tons of time with the oldies. I usually establish a positive relationship with them, get them on my side and THEN reveal that I have a tattoo.. sort of an 'oh well I guess they don't make you a biker or sailor after all' sort of technique. I think its all about timing and picking spots when it comes to tattoos. I have no regrets and will l
  5. Hello beautiful people, I am a typical keen pre-med and I often find myself thinking too much about the future/med, I often fail to enjoy the present moment. I am always thinking of how what I am doing will help me later on, or how great it will be to hopefully one day be a med student and so on.. I have a very hard time understanding that life is NOW, it doesn't only start when med school does. Any one else out there with this hurdle? Tips on overcoming this mind-set? Hope everyone's having a great day.
  6. Makes sense... was just curious. Seems like a leap of faith to me!
  7. Hello friends, I've read a few times on here about pre-meds only writing the CaRS section of their MCAT to apply to mac? Does anybody have any info on how Mac regards this? Do other schools look down on this? Info please! Thanks so much guys
  8. Hello! I saw in the pre-med road map, there's a thread that says 'highly distinguished in an activity'.. what would this entail? Sort of like a be all end all on an application. The examples are 'Olympian, concert pianist'. What are other examples of an extra-curricular of this caliber? Thanks so much team!
  9. What else would be considered highly distinguished in an activity?
  10. MEDNUT97


    Can a doctor have a half sleeve? An inch or two showing below the t-shirt/scrub sleeve. Thoughts? Lets assume the tattoo is well done and in good taste.
  11. BUMP - Any news on accommodations MCAT wise for the French stream applicants?
  12. SO sorry for the late reply.. There are tons of learners... I am not even in med school yet and the doctors actively make time for me to observe procedures and ask questions when I have any. I also believe it depends which rotation you're on - there aren't many surgery residents and I'm not really sure for IM. I know a woman from an Irish medical school doing a selective at OHI and she LOVES it! Sorry again for the late reply, hope this was helpful.
  13. Hi there, Can somebody tell me if there is any way somebody from Toronto or Ottawa could obtain a good context score from NOSM? Rural volunteering? Living in the north during the summers? NORTHERN Canada such as Nunavut? Ottawa/Toronto work with aboriginal populations? Any thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Hope to hear soon...
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