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  1. Anyone know the chances of someone with a 85% average and a 23 AA / 18 PAT. How heavily does UBC look at PAT? I've only written the DAT once and not sure if I'll apply to DMD but just curious.
  2. Does anyone know of people getting in with lower PAT scores? I just got my Nov DAT back, (first time writing, not applying this year) and I'm wondering if a 23AA and 18PAT would be good enough for UBC. My GPA is around average accepted.
  3. Thanks guys appreciate it. So I guess RC could be included too?
  4. For the ubc dent stats posted, what's the DAT score comprised of? Just AA? Or AA and RC and PAT?
  5. Just do what you enjoy. If you need to ask people whether you should continue something or not then it's probably not for you. Be well rounded and challenge yourself. Best of luck.
  6. the wait is killing me that's for sure. i just want to move on with my life already.
  7. Whether it's worth the effort or not is totally up to you. Though what I can say is you would definitely need to take AT LEAST 2 years of additional full time course work and score above a 3.8 and also write a good mcat that meets cutoffs to be eligible to apply for Western and Queens. If you think it's worth your time, then good luck!
  8. No worries It also says this: We understand that many applicants go to large schools with large classes, have been in the workforce for a few years, or otherwise do not have an appropriate referee for one of the categories readily available. Try to find someone appropriate, but also keep in mind that the guidelines we provide are guidelines rather than strict requirements.
  9. But doesn't it say specifically in the Reference guide that: 'An academic referee must be associated with your post secondary education program and must have taught you in a university or college classroom setting'
  10. Anyone having trouble finding an appropriate academic referee? Or is it just me....
  11. I'm from the lower mainland. Anyone want to get together to practice?
  12. IP invite, reg deadline. (4:25pm) aGPA: 85% EC's: i would say they were diverse, and long term commitments (2-3 years). Filled up every category with something unique except the high performance.
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