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  1. No it will not suffice. What i would suggest is that you get the pic+ vulnerable sector done and then u can just photocopy it and have ur guarantor sign it and send that to ACP, that is what rae told me. Hope that helps
  2. Hey so if the pharmD is implemented before we graduate, will we graduate with a pharmD or a bsc degree? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey does anyone know roughly what tuition the students have to pay each year in the pharmacy program?
  4. Yeah thats what I did because I received an email that said you need to change the program on bear tracks once you receive admission, just make sure you change the program for both fall and winter separately because it doesn't do it together, but you can always call in and confirm!
  5. okay thank you! Ive called a couple times now but noone is picking up, Ill call tom! did u change your program on bear tracks?
  6. thank you! No not yet!! Ive emailed rae to confirm if shes recieved anything but she hasnt repiled yet..the wait is killing me, did anyone respond back to you?
  7. Hey everyone, congratulations to everyone admitted so far! I received acceptance on june 28/2016! I sent in both my forms and also payed the deposit- is there anything else needed to be done before july 8th?
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