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  1. I'm curious if med students or residents incorporate. Does it help offset stripend income as a med student? Does it help offset income received as a resident?
  2. so how did things turn out for you with MCAT? What materials did u use?
  3. I'm new to learning about Carms. Are these dates posted here the actual interview dates at each residency program OR the dates med students rec'd an invite? I find it odd that interviews at different univ are on the same day for the same discipline (eg Urology Dalhousie & McMaster both on Dec 5??)
  4. I can best comment for ontario...Readup on the Albertan medical school forums... For Ontario, You have a shot (not high) with a 3.51 @ Mac if you score a high CARS (131-132) and ACE the Casper. If you do 1-2 extra undergrad years in courses where you get very high grades (>3.9+) that should help boost your GPA for schools that look at your last years (e.g. Queens). It would also help boost your Mac average. Otherwise forget Ontario. I would study hard and write the MCAT. Then decide what you do next based on those scores. Your best bet is look at the medschools in your own pr
  5. which province do u reside in? If ontario, do u live in either northern community or southwest? Excluding all summer courses...what is your GPA for your best two years? last two years? all years and removing worst 6 full non-summer courses? Was every year (excluding summer courses) a full course load? Have you written the MCAT? What was your score in ea section? Have you taken a full year English course? a Full year Organic Chem course? Provide the info above and then you'll get some feedback
  6. I recall reading that med students at WRC get UPass transit pass incl with tuition? Is this still true?
  7. How much time do 3rd year med students at Kitchener campus spend in the med school vs local hospitals (grand river, st Mary's) vs other cities nearby (Guelph, Cambridge etc). I'm mostly interest between November until August in your final year
  8. Anyone have an update on current cell plan deals for med students?
  9. Even if it is before accepting their offer?
  10. Does mac accomodate switching a campus before starting med school? What if you find a student willing to swap with you , will mac admin do it?
  11. What is mf1 and why did u have to move after mf1? Do you not have a choice to live in the same apt close to your campus for all 3 years?
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