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  1. It is a big disadvantage of 3 year programs that a lot of students are not very aware of. I did not know about the fact that we do our electives at the beginning of our clerkship until few months ago.
  2. If it's U of C, unfortunately, it shows up on the MSPR. All rewrites and remedial work done during clerkship is recorded on MSPR as well.
  3. My favourite tip: is map out what restraunts have chicken wing deals for dinner lol. OP: I don't know how much debt you are in, but it would be wise to make a plan about when you will be able to debt free. Most people are able to pay their debt after 1 year or 2 of work.
  4. 1. Don't buy luxury things. Just because you have a LOC does not mean that you need to use it. It's even better if you don't apply to it if you won't need it. 2. Spend your money only on essentials, and treat yourself only once or twice after exams. 3. apply to scholarships.
  5. I love making soups . Soups are one of my favourite foods and there is just so much diversity in terms of what kind of soups you can make Soups are so healthy for the following reasons: 1. you can add vegetables --> source of fibre/ vitamins. 2. add protein ( meat or chicken or legumes if you are vegetarian)---> source of proteins 3. It has a lot of fluid ---> hydration. 4. It makes you feel full, and it does not have a lot of calories. 5. It's warm, makes you psychologically feel good lol I <3 soups ..
  6. Do derm residents receive training in these procedures? I always thought that they do, but when I talked to one of the residents in my school, I was told that he did not receive any training in this area. Is it dependent on the school/program?
  7. I don't recommend working in med school b/c how busy it is in medicine. I would recommend spending all your spare time with family or friends, self-care, exercising,..etc However, it depends on your situation, and how much debt do you have whilst in medicine. Few people in my class who were lawyers, NP, and nurses are working very part time ( less than 10 hours a week).. They are working very part-time..
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that, the albertan schools are quite competitive so don't feel bad. U of C and U of A place a lot of emphasis on EC and interviewing skills, so if you do well on those you will get in. I don't think it is your MCAT that's the main issue. The MCAT is only worth 10%. Perhaps focus on developing your ECs. Don't give up, it's a tough journey, but eventually you will get in!! Everyone that I have seen try for medicine, got in eventually. It may not be on their first or second trail, but eventually they all got in
  9. Just curious what is the family physicians scope of practice in regards to cosmetic procedures. Can they do Botox? What about Dermal Fillers? What else are they allowed to do?
  10. That's what I heard in my medical education courses last year as well lol ... It's not gonna make it shorter!!
  11. Yes, it's almost double the number of unmatched students last year..
  12. Panel interviews were my favourite part of the interview last year. You will really enjoy it because you will be able to talk about things that you are passionate about . Be prepared to discuss ur activities.
  13. What are your favourite resources for learning clinical skills? Physical Exams?
  14. Offering Assistance with application does not even the playing field if it's unaffordable. It may actually create another layer of inequality amongst applicants. However, if it's affordable, it MAYBE useful ( to a small extent). I 've no data to support what I'm saying, I'm just speaking from experience. When I was pre-med student, I was lucky to have been able to afford MMI coaching, but at a certain point I started to think it was not very useful. I believe MMI coaching is useful for beginners who have no idea how to organize their response, but beyond that, I don't think it is supe
  15. Or is it just restricted to the dermatologists and plastic surgeons?
  16. I use anki osmosis and kaplan question bank, yet I still forget things . I just don't know how I will function as a clerk ( I will start clerkship next year in my school). I'm also a slow learner which make things worse because I don't have a lot of time to review things that I covered last year. If someone has effective strategies, please enlighten me?
  17. Most optometrists have to work few years /establish their own business before they make 250K.
  18. In my med school, we have cumulative exams for everything we have covered in med school every three courses. Yesterday, when I looked over my notes for the contents I covered last year, I realized that I have forgotten some of it... it's incredibly sad because I put in a lot of effort when I was learning it the first time. I was wondering how can one study efficiently to not forget content? How do you maintain good long term memory? Do you have to constantly do practice questions? or read over your notes periodically? How do you incorporate that in your study schedule?
  19. Congratulations on your interviews, that's amazing The biggest advise I 'd give is to truly be yourself, and to not be afraid of judgement. You have to be confident and secure in yourself to be able to show the interviewers who you are as a person. I think what you need to practice more than anything is confidence, even in difficult scenarios and when you are afraid of judgement. What do you think will help with your confidence? - If it 's knowledge, then read more. - maybe it is your internal dialogue, if that's the case then start to change it. Do not think I will tur
  20. International med schools are a viable option. My brother went through the IMG route after high school and he matched to a competitive specialty in the US. International schools are definitely an option worth considering, if you are willing to work hard. Having said so, it is still a very difficult option given the amount of debt that you will have once you finish med school. My brother says that if he would go back in time, he would stay in Canada and try to get into Canadian med school so he would stay close to us and save money.
  21. There is a study showing that females doctors are better than male doctors.. but the study has had some critique: https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2017/02/04/the-study-that-said-female-doctors-are-better-than-male-doctors/#327e0fa93f92
  22. I bought Kaplan Step 2 question bank for $200 and it is been helpful so far . Toronto Notes also has a question bank .
  23. I understand your sentiment, but a lot of individuals go into medicine because they love the subject matter and they are service-oriented individuals. I'm a first year med student ( so I might be naive), but so far I have been loving medicine a lot and I honestly can't imagine doing anything other than medicine/clinical work. I love how I can help people, take care of them, listen to their concerns, and just be there for them. I love it when I can make a patient's day better :)!! I also love the potential for education/ teaching, and making a difference in the lives of your students an
  24. At the Albertan schools, you get paid 20K per year and you do not pay for med school tuition. I'm sure that there are some scholarships that you apply to that would help you get more funding, but I haven't looked into it in great detail. If you choose to do it in residency it is: 60+k/year. It's almost a 40K difference per year. In general, from my prospective, although funding is the biggest difference, I don't think that finances should be the biggest determinant about when you choose to do a degree. Do it when you feel most comfortable about doing it.
  25. I don't know much about the riskiness of doing a Phd in residency, but I feel that it really is dependant on the individual, and their mentors as well as how teachable they are. It does not have to be risky if you have the right attitudes, mentors, etc. I personally know individuals in surgical specialties who finished their Phd during residency and they were quite successful, but they were VERY hardworking individuals.They also finished it in 2 years instead of 3. BUT, I surely don't know much about the topic because I only did research work for one year prior to medicine and I did it
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