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  1. Well you just made my day! I thought you have to pay every month. Although this severely will impact my debt I'm okay with it haha.
  2. Hi All, How does one most effectively finance Dental school expenses (tuition+living). From what I have read so far it seems that people are taking out LOCs. Although banks generally offer lower rates on LOCs vs traditional loans, I still feel that it may be very difficult to pay off the ever-increasing monhtly compounded interest. Are there other forms of financial aid that one can apply to (e.g. government loans/bursaries)? Any advice is appreciated
  3. I am calling in today or tomorrow to remove myself so a spot should be opening up soon for whoever is waiting! Good luck.
  4. I just got an email! I was number 23 so waitlist has moved at least 23. Good luck to everyone!
  5. That's awesome news I am actually #23 I just called and found out late last week that it moved to 22. Thanks!
  6. Hey, I just called one of the student services people and they told me the waitlist has only moved 17 spots.. Do you think it could be that they haven't documented it yet in their system?
  7. I thought the admissions office is on vacation until August 2nd.. Doesn't that mean that we would not even know if there has been movement since there is no one to document it?
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