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  1. Hi! Sorry for the late response. I'm not really sure of the process to appeal. If you go and meet with the Admissions Office to get feedback normally (which they usually do, but not sure about now in pandemic times), they will tell you what part of your application you need to improve on. For example, if they say your interview didn't go well, that might be what caused you to get red flagged. I mentioned the Mock MMI just as an example of the many places where professionalism is noted. Like someone else said, it could have been a reference or something else? Sorry, hope this was somewhat
  2. I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you but I would take this as an opportunity to reflect upon your behaviours. Professionalism covers not just the MMI stations but being polite and friendly to the organizers, acting appropriately in the coat room/waiting room etc. At any point during the application process, you may do or say something that comes off the wrong way. It may be that you were nervous and your answer came out wrong in the MMI. Use this as a chance to practice your MMI skills. Or, you may have beliefs and opinions that are racist, sexist or otherwise unprofessional and these b
  3. Hi everyone, I am in first year medicine and many of my classmates have started shadowing physicians in their specialty of interest already. I hadn't contacted anyone yet and was starting to get nervous that I was dropping the ball on this one. I got in contact with several physicians in pediatrics and pediatric subspecialties this week and I have set up some dates in the next few months to shadow. What I am wondering is: what should I expect? What will shadowing be all about (ex. will I be strictly observing or will there be some opportunities to practice my clinical skills)?
  4. I have already posted something similar in the Non-trad group, but seriously consider U of M in Winnipeg. They drop your worst 30 credit hours (if you have a hypothetical four year degree of 120 credit hours).
  5. For some reason, your initial post isn't showing up, so I have quoted it at the bottom. Here are my thoughts: Don't be worried about your age! I am 27 and I am in my first year of med school now. I applied several years in a row (5 years) and I finally got in this past summer. I am also definitely not the oldest person in my class either! Age is just a number. And often, being "older" allows you to have more life experience that you can use in your interviews, courses and interactions with patients. I perform the highest in my Professionalism and Clinical Reasoning courses out of all
  6. I would agree, wear pants and a blazer. I wouldn't recommend a skirt cause your legs would get cold. If you are looking for hotels, book the CanadInns inside the Health Sciences Centre. That's directly attached to the med school, so you shouldn't need to go outside.
  7. I had this happen to a friend of mine. She contacted Admissions to let them know that there was a delay. I would recommend doing that ASAP. In the end, she changed her reference to someone who could get it done in time.
  8. I would agree. I had someone from admissions tell me that they are literally only to make sure you are not an axe murderer. Don't worry about the strength of your references, there is no difference.
  9. I agree! Your AGPA is always better than your actual GPA. Don't give up!!
  10. Thanks for the information and advice! I was feeling really down and thinking that I wasn't going to hear anything but I was just accepted off the waitlist! So beyond ecstatic!
  11. Hello everyone, Just wanted to share my happy news- I have been accepted off the waitlist! I just found out yesterday!!! Thanks again for all the helpful advice and encouragement. :)
  12. Way to go!!! I wonder what place you were on the waitlist. I guess we'll never know. I am in second tier....how likely is it that I could get a spot?
  13. Congratulations! Just wondering, you said OOP waitlist. Are there two seperate waitlists? Or is it just one? I didn't realize that there was an OOP and an IP waitlist.
  14. Hello everyone, Did anyone get on the waitlist? Let me know if anyone has tips or experience being on the waitlist. Thanks!
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