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  1. I don't remember how long it takes exactly for the MCAT scores to be submitted electronically from AAMC to UBC because it was something I did in advance (so maybe someone else can way in here). It may be the case that even though it is submitted online relatively quickly, it takes the school around 24 hours to mark it as "received" from the time it is sent electronically from AAMC to the time UBC marks it down that they have received the adequate information. (Just keep this in mind because I'd hate to steer you the wrong direction where you leave everything to the last minute and when you are
  2. Dear icdt2018, Just adding my own anecdotal experience with regards to MCAT timelines (sorry if this is not well explained, I am fighting the flu so my head is a bit stuffy ). I am an applicant who wrote the MCAT multiple times (4 to be exact) and this used to be something I was embarrassed about. I thought I was the only one based on the chit chat you'd hear amongst other pre-med students. To be honest, many pre-meds will be dishonest about how they prepare for fear other students will copy/overtake them or they may choose to omit certain information with regards to their experienc
  3. To add why I think there is no correlation between proof of citizenship update and committee final decision (in addition to trying to convince myself for therapeutic reasons): 1) Multiple reviewers: I am assuming there are multiple people working on the post-interview file reviews (I wouldn’t expect one person to take on the responsibility to review all 600 and something applicants that were interviewed). Because of this, the reviewers probably all had a set deadline to finish going through their piles of applicants and hand them in (so when you combine the different piles, some will
  4. Yeah, I have the same interpretation to what has been said above: a) BC services card (should already be uploaded from the pre-interview portion of the application) b) Proof of Citizenship (upload your Canadian passport) --> mine is similar where the status still reads "not received" but I can see under the document's tab that it was uploaded prior to the Feb 15th deadline. The committee has stated not to worry about the status at this point, as long as it was uploaded before the deadline you are good. c) triple check your references have been received (academic, service, profession
  5. That is my understanding! As long as you had already graduated/finished your English credits and handed those in, you don’t need to show them again. I believe proof of enrolment was if you were still currently working on the 90 credits/English course that you had to show you are currently doing them so if they accept you, you have fulfilled all their requirements. Any one can correct me if I’m wrong, but that was my interpretation! Good luck!
  6. Hey UBC med school forum friends, I am just double checking for the two passport sized photos we need to bring to the interview; we don't have to upload scans of those online. This is my interpretation, but I would rather be safe than sorry and get other people's input. - Cheers thanks
  7. Hey fellow UBC applicants, I was hoping someone could please clarify a question I have regarding the reference letters. For each reference writer, there is a form that they are supposed to fill out regarding the applicant's levels of performance, maturity, etc. At the end of the forum there is a section titled "comments," and then it reads: "Please include general, additional comments below (required as these comments replace a reference letter and will greatly assist the selection committee in their deliberations). Please refer to the candidate using his/her initials only (max 3750
  8. Quick question: For the UBC interview writing station, we are told "following your interview you will participate in a 30-minute writing session, where you will be asked to write one complete essay based on a given prompt. This prompt will NOT require academic knowledge and you will be unable to prepare for it. You do not need to bring any supplies as all writing materials will be provided. No dictionaries, translation tools, notes or other writing aides in any form (electronic or other) are allowed." Can previous applicants of the writing station say if the essay was written electroni
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