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  1. Hi everyone, Selling 2 books that I used for interview prep last year, feel free to message me or reply here both are in mint condition! 1. B**o’s Ultimate Guide to Multiple Mini Interviews (the company name usually gets censored, the blocked out part is “em”) 2. Medical School Interviews: a practical guide to help you get that place at medical school, by Olivier Picard and George Lee
  2. Result: Accepted (Hamilton campus) Timestamp: 8:08 AM (midnight on omsas) cGPA: 3.92 CARS: 129 CASPer: I think I did well, looking back at it now. I was really harsh on myself after the test finished, but who knows Year: graduated Geography: IP Button: No I was so sure the button meant acceptance and I was feeling so down for the past few days. But I guess you just never know with these glitches Will be accepting! Can’t wait to meet you all!
  3. So.... they’re literally picking names out of a hat
  4. They automatically reject 200 people every year?
  5. What if the offers were just leaked for the main Hamilton campus then? Their quota is about 150
  6. Perhaps it could be a glitch that applies only to people who received an offer to a specific campus to McMaster? I.e the button accidentally appeared for those who had an offer to the Niagara campus entered into OMSAS, but the same accident/glitch didn’t happen when other offers were entered. I mean at this point I’m sure all schools have submitted their offers so perhaps it’s just a one-off glitch that reveals a a subset of Mac offers. Edit: that could also explain why some high-stats people don’t have the button
  7. If you’re asking in terms of acceptances, it shouldn’t affect you since Mac doesn’t use the ABS. In terms of residency match, having no undergraduate research shouldn’t affect you much either. From what I have heard, there’s lots of research opportunities at the Hamilton campus. There might be a bit less at the satellite campuses, but some on the forum were suggesting that the closeness of the smaller campuses actually allows for better connections with profs and faculty, and thus better access to research opportunities.
  8. Agreed :( With all that’s going on, make sure not to forget self-care and to take it easy :) we’ll get through this!
  9. There are lots of forum discussions regarding the campuses, here’s one of them. I just hope we get an update soon from Mac about how we’re going to rank the campuses and about the new assessment criteria. It’s been a while since we heard from them
  10. Hopefully they would. My thinking is, they have to let us know the procedure for how to indicate campus preferences, right? So more updates should be coming, and hopefully the new assessment criteria will be part of these updates
  11. So with the recent news about the cancellation, I was wondering if anyone was still practicing for Mac? They didn’t rule out the possibility of online interviews yet
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