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  1. Well, in that case I'm glad that I decided to take the soap carving section because I have nothing to lose with the other universities... But I'm still going to try and do well to increase my chances of getting in! Thanks for the tips! and like I said, I'll update this thread as to how it goes
  2. Well I've got a few schools on my list which include UofA, University of Manitoba and University of Montreal. So if I dont do the MDT that's 3 less chances of getting in... Do the schools that not require MDT still look at my score if I dont do well?
  3. Thanks for the super detailed response DENT2020. Those seem like great tips, I'l definitely try them all! I know that not all the Universities require the MDT but I'm planning on applying throughout Canada so I'll have to take it to increase my chances of getting in. I know I have time until November but I wanna try and be ready before school starts that way I'll just need to review every once in a while and I can focus on getting good grades (number one concern lol). Anyhow, I'll keep updating this thread as I go along lol hopefully it will just be good news! Thanks again guys!
  4. Hey guys, I posted this on SDN forum but thought I might get more accurate answers here. I'm going to be taking the Canadian DAT on November 5th and I'm kind of freaking out about the manual dexterity section. I have a friend that did really well in the DAT but failed the soap carving portion so he had to retake the test. I have no problem with the sciences or reading comprehension, that's just a review.... As for the PAT I've been able to find many resources to practice but the soap carving... I have no clue. I tried to do it yesterday and it takes me like 2 hours to do and when I looked at
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