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  1. Hi. I am an international student studying in UK at Barts and the London at the moment. London medical schools are pretty competitive and you would need to get the best grades possible. In addition, they tend to look at your extra curricular activities and would want to know if you have done any volunteering/medicine-related job shadowing. It is basically about convincing them to think that you are genuinely interested in medicine. I write blogs about studying medicine in London. check it out if you're interested. In short, London is really an amazing place to be in! We benefited a lot fro
  2. no. They do not take MCAT. Different medical schools would want different things (either UKCAT or BMAT or none of these). you would need to do BMAT if you are looking to apply to Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, Oxford, etc. Other schools accept UKCAT. if you're interested, I have written abit about applying to UK medical schools. Here's the link: http://bit.ly/2gTK28V You would need to apply to these medical schools via UCAS (and not directly to the medical schools) and each year, you could only apply to 4 medical schools
  3. to be exact, they seem (at least, to me) to be two separate entities. But if you are working beyond summer i.e. if youre working on the manuscript during term time, I think it is quite fair to put it as one
  4. I watched Boston med before entering medical school. Other documentary: - junior doctors; your life in their hands ( currently watching this one as I am just entering my clinical year! it has been pretty exciting so far!) - the english surgeon (a very good one if youre interested in neurosurgery. It features mr Henry Marsh, one of the best neurosurgeon in UK and also the writer of the best-selling book 'Do No Harm') - Doctors' diaries are quite good but it did not really leave an impression
  5. check out my blog! www.thinkmedic.blogspot.com
  6. Congratulations! now onto the real deal medschool!
  7. I don't see how this can be relevant to the selection of medical students. However, I have heard of someone being asked of their opinions regarding same-sex marriage and social stigma surrounding this.
  8. Wow that's a great score! I too am considering to write usmle but it seems like it's gonna cost me alot of money how much money do you spend on those resources
  9. I dont think so... It's too expensive for -1.5D IMHO But I do understand the pain of having to wear glasses/contact lens
  10. Although it is not 100% necessary, I still think that this is an essential part of deciding if Medicine is for you.
  11. didnt realise it was posted 2009. OP would have been 7 years older by now
  12. Exactly what I thought! I see USMLE as a way to revise my preclinical year knowledge but it surely is expensive! I am still deciding whether to write USMLE but several things I am considering is cost and time! Cost of buying USMLE books, registering, flying to US for exams, etc. Time spent revising for USMLE; opportunity cost! could have spent the time reading the resources that my medschool recommends
  13. I did start immersing myself into research during high school. It starts by contacting my high school science teachers and going to do 3 day (exposure) courses in research labs. Do google for these kind of information. But, I only get to do proper research as a first year undergraduate. Good luck finding one!
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