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  1. How has Covid-19 impacted workflow and load on surgery, particularly gen surg? How will the backlog of elective cases be addressed, and what might that look like moving forward with the go-ahead for elective surgeries? What has life looked like for residents? How do you think things will look for a clerk coming onto a surgical rotation as med students are re-introduced to the clinical setting, and how do you think we can be helpful in this situation? Would appreciate hearing your experiences - thanks (:
  2. Would you say you are a med student on a dating website/app profile?
  3. Accepted (8:54 AM) cGPA: 3.90, 2yrGPA: 3.94 EC: Diverse and few long term Interviews: It felt like a blur, and I honestly did not think it went well Year: 4th year undergrad Will be declining
  4. Incredibly happy!!!! Accepted to Niagara Timestamp: 8:30 AM cGPA: 3.90 CARS: 128 Interview: Thought a few stations went pretty terrible, a few I thought were good IP 4th year undergrad
  5. I can't believe this. Result: Accepted UTSG Timestamp: 7:43 AM wGPA: 3.94 MCAT: Above cutoffs ECs: Diverse, and a few long term Essays: Most of them I was okay with Year: Just graduated Geogaphy: IP
  6. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 17/02/2017, 1:10PM Interview Date: March 26th wGPA: 3.94 Year: 4th year undergrad MCAT: 131/128/131/130 ECs: Tutoring, mentoring, research, hospital volunteering, leadership on equity related student groups Essays: For some I felt good, but for two, they didn't quite come out the way I wanted them to Geography: IP
  7. Invite!!!! I cannot believe this, after getting rejected from Western, I have just felt like a zombie the whole day, and now I feel like crying/laughing/i don't know. Time Stamp: 4:06pm Interview Date: ? wGPA: 3.94 Year: 4th MCAT: 131/128/131/130 ECs: Pretty average, some research, hospital volunteering, leadership on equity related student groups Geography: IP
  8. Never thought that I would be posting on here, and feeling very humbled and thankful for this opportunity. Time Stamp: 9:13am cGPA: 3.9 CARS: 128 Casper: Thought it went ok IP 4th year BSc.
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