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    ThugLyfe reacted to Sauna in Post-Interview Talks   
    Any other 4th years have senioritis?
    About to get my first 3.7 since first year and I don’t even care lol
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    ThugLyfe reacted to bellejolie in New Black Student Application Program (Bsap)   
    Medicine is an extremely privileged career path to enter. Students are mostly white, however other (not Black/Aboriginal) ethnic representation is pretty good in urban cities when it comes to medical school classes (e.g. south asian, chinese, etc). However, there is a HUGE shortage of students and professionals who identify as Black and Aboriginal in medicine.
    I'm actually quite offended by some of the posts here, and I'm not Black. It's not a "free" advantage, considering the historical and social context of where initiatives like these come from. There is no quota. People who choose to apply through these streams write an additional essay and have to meet the same requirements. I can tell you from people I know who identify as Aboriginal who were accepted that they didn't just get in because they were Aboriginal and met baseline requirements - they are evaluated holistically, with rigorous standards applied in the same way, they all had volunteered, been part of policy change, had healthcare experience, etc. Many "unqualified" people of minority groups including Aboriginal and I'm sure Black as well, are rejected on a very regular basis. 
    It has been well established that income is linked to health, and low SES communities who have worse health, would certainly appreciate being able to identify with their physician and healthcare practitioners. Given again, the racism and systemic discrimination many people face within the healthcare system, being able to identify, even if it's just physically, with your physician can really impact health outcomes. This has been studied. In a city like Toronto, where over 60% of the population is immigrants, a program like this is more important than ever. 
    Check your privilege people. Seriously. You are being offensive. No, Black people will not take over all the spots, they aren't stealing jobs from you, and this program isn't going to allow "mediocre" people to enter at the expense of all the amazing white people. 
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    ThugLyfe reacted to rmorelan in I Feel Like I Am Super Average...   
    ok I say this every single year because I think it is important. Western, and every other medical school for that matter, is only going to interview people that they think will realistically do well in their program.  If you get an interview at a school it is because you have earned that position - we talk a lot about the randomness of the process - that is true but it randomness only in the sense that great candidates do not get an interview sometimes, not that bad candidates do. They simple do not have the time/resources to waste interviewing people that won't be good for them.
    The worse thing you can do is to psych yourself out to thinking you are not supposed to be there, that is some form of a mistake, and you are inadequate. Then you get all nervous and freaked out and then BAM - you become a worse applicant and don't get in. Only thing is you are doing it to yourself. The school isn't. 
    So stop that. Stop it right now. Stop it because it is nonsense, and stop it because it will mess with your chances. 
    You think the average medical student has 100 publications, top tier athlete, blah, blah.....no they have not.  Obviously if you are amazing you are more open about saying you are amazing - that is a selection bias. It is not just here on the forum but everywhere else in life as well ha, and in all things. Maybe 10-20% of a class has this glow in the dark sort of applicants - the rest are hard working, smart people - which is what it takes to be a great doctor.  
    more specifically for Western - if they really wanted to evaluate your ECs then they would do it in the pre-selection process. They don't. That TELLS you something - I sometimes think universities really have missed the point spending all day teaching the what and how, but never the why? (a bit of rant I know but the more educated I get the more frustrated I am with that. When they say knowledge is power, it is knowing the "why" that is that power's source. Why does a school select applicants in a particular way, and can you figure that out from how they select people?)  Ask yourself - why does Western only consider GPA and MCAT for interview, and then why is the MCAT the real barrier? Again they don't directly evaluate ECs - why? What is the basis for Western's interview questions etc - and why for that as well? I mean overall we as a profession are incredibly transparent in what we are looking for - more transparent than any other profession by far I believe telling you exactly the criteria. In general medical school questions are not "did you climb a mountain?" but closer to "if you decided that the mountain must be climbed, how would you do it?"
    bottom line - yes, you need to calm down Deep breaths because fear really is the mind killer. Time to focus. You have an interview - you are in the top 10% of the people that applied give or take. That is no accident, now go make it count. 
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    ThugLyfe reacted to LFOHarmonics in I Feel Like I Am Super Average...   
    Hey ya'll

    So I am super stoked this year to get an interview at UWO. Second time applying, first time I had a subpar MCAT, no dice...

    However, with the interview date looming, I am getting nervous and stressed yet again for something I have never really experienced.

    It does not help that I also applied to Queens, but was rejected. I understand that Queens is a blackbox, but they do look over your ABS beforehand. I feel like I am just this super average, not extraordinary applicant. 
    Looking around this forum and I see this ECs and character descriptions of people, and they are amazing. Like, competitive sports, research awards and grants, NSERC up the whazoo, president of 50+ clubs (ok that is exaggerating on my part...).  I remember a month ago or so on CBC there was an interview with this Olympic athlete that won gold, and is now going to med school. 

    And I am sitting over here with working retail after grad because a BSc in Bio only won't get you much. Like, damn man.

    I don't know. I am just feeling.... Inadequate when I read so many character posts here. I have EC's... But like, I don't have much, if any research (does your Honour's thesis even count as research?). I don't have a competitive sport. I haven't TA'd before. I haven't climbed Mt. Everest (I think SDN is leaking into my brain).

    I need to calm down. 
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    ThugLyfe reacted to justwannabeadoc in Interview Sign Up Problems   
    scared to keep trying out of fear i'll be locked out...
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    ThugLyfe got a reaction from dreamteam22 in Queens Interview Invites/regrets 2017   
    I cannot believe this, after getting rejected from Western, I have just felt like a zombie the whole day, and now I feel like crying/laughing/i don't know. 
    Time Stamp: 4:06pm
    Interview Date: ?
    wGPA: 3.94
    Year: 4th
    MCAT: 131/128/131/130
    ECs: Pretty average, some research, hospital volunteering, leadership on equity related student groups
    Geography: IP
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    ThugLyfe reacted to Maverick in Interview Invite Email / Letter   
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    ThugLyfe reacted to Maverick in Interview Invite Email / Letter   
    Gonna get double whammied by Western and Queens next week. Dendritic cell is praying to the T-cell gods for mercy, please accept my MHC-application complex and cytokines of desperation.
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