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  1. Its during o-week so just make sure that last week of August is free! Also join the 2022 fb group, you'll be able to ask the organizers there if you have more questions
  2. Yes I agree! I was able to get a job as an assistant through connections so ask around if possible. Good luck!!
  3. Take a year off, travel, make some money and prep for an interview!! Good luck
  4. I got 2 NSERC URSA grants and I heard they literally just put everyone in a spread sheet and pick the people with the highest GPA - so it depends who applies etc. The profs know this and often wont apply with you if your GPA isnt high enough but if you find one that is willing then definitely apply! My friend was in a similar situation so her prof applied for the work-study grant thingy - forget exactly how it works. You actually end up getting paid more too so ask about that.
  5. I wouldn't give up hope at all! People definitely get in with 3.88. Try to increase your DAT score and I think youd be in a good spot for an interview at UofT. That being said, you would definitely need a good interview to ensure you get in, which is doable :). Good luck
  6. You have a good chance at Uoft, given that your DAT scores are good (aim for >21) and your interview goes well. They don't look at a CV or extracurriculars so they wouldn't know what you have and haven't done.
  7. I found IQ publications very similar to the real thing and I got a 22 on the real DAT! It was really all I used to practice - wasnt the smartest decision on my part but happened because I just didnt know what else to study that would be realistic enough but it ended up working out very well. Good luck!
  8. Bootcamp got me a 23 on PAT and all I did was each of their practice tests once (I think there were 10 at the time) and felt very prepared for it. IQ publications was good because it was a nice confidence booster right before I took the DAT and it was really nice for me to be able to practice on paper instead of the computer. Good luck!
  9. I also took microbio with basso last fall. If you end up needing to take it then message me and I can send my notes. Was able to get one of the highest marks in the class with them. Cheers!
  10. Nope, I didnt take any of those!! Only 1105 and 1106!
  11. Hey! I just got into UofT this round and had ANP1105 and 1106 so I can confirm that they accept these Goodluck!!
  12. PAT: Dat Bootcamp + IQ RC: Practice skimming/ speed reading - the most representative material I practiced on was IQ publications BIO/CHEM: Feralis notes + DAT bootcamp + DAT Destroyer ** I wrote it last November and was very happy with the results. Feel free to message me with any questions. I can sell you any of the above mentioned material + more if you are interested!
  13. Hello! So, I accepted my offer to UofT and am in the process of figuring out how best to finance it. I'm wondering if there is any way in which OSAP would consider me an independent student so that I don't have to state my parents income (since they won't be helping me at all). I just finished 3rd year so I haven't been out of high school for 4 years. If anyone has been through this before, let me know what I should do and who I should contact if possible! Thanks in advance!
  14. So I sent the confirmation letter in the mail on Monday (the 10th) and I just called UofT today and they still havent received anything. Since Canada Post is closed tomorrow and Monday (for easter), I'm worried that they won't receive my confirmation by April 17th. What should I do?
  15. I just did one at UofT and got in! Tbh I don't know how much help I'll be but feel free to message and ask me anything!
  16. This might be a silly question but how is the interview scored? Like i know its out of 35 points but I was only asked 6 questions that I am assuming were 5 points each. Where does the extra 5 points come into play? Thanks!
  17. Result: Accepted! GPA: 3.99 IP DAT (22AA + 23PAT) Interview: It was pretty average! I was content with it but it was by no means awesome! Year of study: 3rd year
  18. I had a quick question! So they've appointed a time for the interview and said that there will also be a personality test and tour. Does this tour/ test happen after your appointed interview time or am I supposed to show up earlier in the day for a group tour type of thing? Sorry if this is a silly question, I just want to make sure! Thanks!!
  19. I'm in the Ottawa Area and I don't find it that easy either! My advice is to try contacting relatively new dentists, I find them a bit more willing
  20. I havent gotten any emails yet either! I just wrote the DAT in November as well and it should have been forwarded to UofT.
  21. So, I've applied to Toronto and Dalhousie. My GPA is a 3.99 and my DAT scores are 22AA/23PAT so I'm thinking it's likely that I will get an interview. I want to start preparing now but I'm not sure where to start. Which resources are good and which have helped any of you who have gotten into these schools? I think Toronto uses the CDA style but I'm not too sure about Dalhousie. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!
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