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  1. Are there any Canadian friendly DO/PhD Programs with funding available, similar to MD/PhD programs? Does anyone have information on this or has anyone applied to DO/PhD programs and can share your experience? Thanks!
  2. Thanks guys! I am using the OMSAS scale for the grade conversion, so I am not sure how to convert these to percentages as required by UWO. How do I convert my grades to percentages? Here is some info on my stats: Based on OMSAS, my 4 years GPA breakdown is: Year 1: 3.18 Year 2: 3.48 Year 3: 3.81 Year 4: 3.90 I also did some additional courses in the summer terms and 1 year part time studies after graduation to complete prereqs (orgo, english, and physics courses). So including everything, cGPA is 3.59. Graduate GPA: 3.96 - For UWO, my best 2 years GPA is 3.81
  3. Hi guys, I am a non traditional student and want to apply to dental school in the coming cycle. I would love some input on my chances and future steps. Here is some info about me: - Ontario resident - Graduated Bachelors degree (Biology), Masters degree (Medical Science), Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology, Certificate in Business Analytics - Currently Working professional GPA and Scores Last 2 years GPA (used OMSAS Scale): 3.81 and 3.90 DAT: Not done yet MCAT (third attempt): 129 (C/P); 123 (CARS); 130 (Bio); 129 (Psych) - decided not to retake it anymore and not appl
  4. Sorry to jump in here but I have a similar question. So with the graduate degree, they will take the average of the graduate GPA + 3 best years of undergrad? or do they drop another year of undergrad in lieu of the graduate GPA?
  5. Thanks! I have been doing all the things you mentioned above but I think I need to do it more consistently with DAILY practice. I would also be more interested in a critique of the ways in which I have already tried to tackle CARS. I am just trying to figure out where I went wrong so that I can fix it this time.
  6. HI all, For MCAT CARS, honestly I don't know what exactly I am doing wrong. I have done so much practice including EK 101, TPR hyperlearning workbook, TPR ICC book, took the TPR in class prep course for my attempts on the old MCAT, Kaplan, Nextstep etc. Attempt 1 (2012) = took in the summer during grad school. I took the TPR in class prep course and only used TPR and AAMC materials to prep. I was working in the lab full time running experiments and writing my papers, went to TPR class in the evenings (6-9pm) and took FL's on weekends. I took 2 weeks off before test day and focused
  7. Do schools in Ontario and Canada really don't care about number of retakes? All the scores are reported by AAMC so adcoms can see it all - do they don't look at that at all? Is it all about meeting cutoffs on the most recent attempt to be considered for a full application review/interview?
  8. Hello everyone, I would appreciate some thoughts about schools I could apply to (including out of province schools) and areas of my application which I could improve. - Ontario resident - Graduate BSc and MSc - Working professional GPA and Scores McMaster cGPA: 3.58 + 1% bonus for masters degree U of T wGPA: 3.82 + qualify as graduate applicant U Ottawa wGPA: 3.80 = too low for out of Ottawa Queens wGPA: 3.81 + 3.90 Western 2 years: 3.81 + 3.90 MCAT: 129 (C/P); 123 (CARS); 130 (Bio); 129 (Psych) - Going to retake it I am not familiar with schools outside Ontar
  9. I am wondering how much role does cGPA play, if an applicant qualifies for wGPA - I mean do they look at both or just the wGPA? And what about the MCAT - is it the same as for MD applicants - need to meet the cutoffs?
  10. What would be preventing the OP from getting interviews in US? Given the high MCAT, decent GPA with upward trend, it all seems good to me for US schools. OP - did you apply early in the cycle to US schools?
  11. Do you mind sharing your stats, especially MCAT score? Thanks
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