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  1. If they wouldn´t let them shadow, there would be only "theoretical" doctors, students require to get a practical insight into the profession.
  2. Depends of the type of your personality, it is the same with actors/singers/artists who are admired. Some of them get "too proud" and some of them stay the same as they were before they got famous...
  3. They really shouldn´t ask you, it is not relevant to your study/profession.
  4. I think that once a month is not much though...He should upload more often
  5. I would recommend to make some changes and ask some of your colleagues/friends/teachers what you could improve this year to increase your chances:)
  6. You might also try some volunteering or shadowing placement experience to get know more the clinical environment. You will find out whether medicine is the right option for you...
  7. Of course it is not. 24 is normal age for so, btw. I know 2 men who started med school in 38 and 51
  8. Thank you for the response! I think so, too. I actually want to get some experience in Canada as well. I just thought that it might be interesting to be able to compare the healthcare in these countries. And on their websites they claim that all the doctors you can shadow in the hospital actually speak fluent english, so that hopefully shouldn't be a problem. I would like to join the program, because it seems really interesting, but sadly, I didn't manage to find anyone who has already participated in it...
  9. Hello, I was always interested in emergency medicine and I thought it might be great experience to participate in a program abroad to gain a new perspective on the job. I was searching the possibilities there are, and I found this thing called Czech Hospital Placements Program. The page about their emergency department says that you can observe the doctors even during night shifts and it all seems really exciting. But I am not sure, if I want to participate, because I don't know anyone who has already experienced it. Don't you guys have any experience with this program? Any help is
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