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  1. Did you perhaps switch programs? I just checked and mine only says 1 received.
  2. Maybe because it didn't exactly reach 4:31pm yet, you still count as on time? But like the others have said, just email them to double check if it's okay. I imagine that you wouldn't get a confirmation if your app was disqualified.
  3. It's all done automatically on the transcripts section of the application. I don't think you have to order a transcript from U of T.
  4. I was wondering if people have rescheduled their CASPer dates before - if so, are there "unlimited" spots for each test time? If so, does anyone know when the latest time is to reschedule?
  5. It should be fine, but go back on OMSAS and read through it to make sure there are no punctuation errors (e.g. copy+pasting can result in removal of apostrophe's).
  6. Yeah I'm getting my PI to verify my poster presentation.
  7. Do the schools themselves send you interview offers instead of OMSAS? I was wondering this because there is a single day in May 2018 when admission/waitlist/rejection offers will be sent, but there doesn't seem to be a date when interview offers are sent out. If this is the case, does anyone know a rough schedule for each of the Ontario schools in terms of (1) when they send interview offers and (2) when the interviews actually take place? I would appreciate if you could share - it'd be useful for planning out the rest of the year.
  8. Are we required to format our Letter to the Editor essay with things like the article we're referring to, and e.g. "Sincerely, Name" at the end? Or can we just include what we would include as part of the body of a letter to the editor?
  9. Only certain schools require essays, such as Toronto.
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