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  1. Is the mean university GPA (the 3.7) on a 4.0 scale or a 4.3 scale? Thanks!
  2. Note: That isn't my main question I need help with, just a side question. Thanks for the link though!
  3. Hi guys, I am very new to the process (new to the research stage lol) and just wanted to throw some feelers out to see if I could potentially be a competitive applicant GPA wise. I have a few more pre req's to get before applying. I'm thinking about applying to Dalhousie's Dental program for the Fall 2017 class. I am a Dalhousie student with a cGPA is a 3.69/4.3. Just finished my third year. I had a rough first and second year, so that is why my GPA is so low First Year --> Fall: 3.42 Winter:3.54 Second Year --> Fall: 3.67 Winter:3.34 Third Year --> Fall: 4.08 Winter: 4.22 Does Da
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