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  1. Hi! No worries at all I graduates November 2019 and did NOTCE that same month. I only really started studying a month before the exam. Our classes ended in August and I started studying in October. I knew people who only studied 2 weeks before and passed, not that I would recommend it but everyone has different study habits. I didn't really look through the material while I was in the program. Overall, I wouldn't worry too much about it while your in the program, just focus on making the most of your OT experience.
  2. Hi! I'm a recent grad who passed the NOTCE from this past November and I graduated from UofT. I feel like my schooling gave me a good baseline knowledge but having the study guide from CAOT was super helpful since they follow the same format/types of questions (CAOT has free 100 sample questions and you can buy a study guide with more questions) . One thing both myself and my classmates found helpful was when doing the practise questions identifying trends in the kinds of answers they expect and their rationale. Here is the free sample questions from CAOT's website if your curious http://
  3. Hi everyone! I'm a recent OT grad. I did the MMI at McMasters and got accepted. Here is some advice for preparing: I would say not to focus just on healthcare themed questions but also non-healthcare themes as well. When I did the MMI, the examiners had prompting questions if you got stuck (I was so happy when I learned that haha). Also, in some questions I was cut off by the door knock and other times I finished before the time (in which we just sat there), so don't stress out if you find yourself in that kind of situation, just look on to the next question. GOOD LUCK!!!
  4. No worries, I definitely know the importance of getting as much information as possible to make your decision 1)We have a set of IPE’s that we take during the school year that involves all other professions in the healthcare field and we do things like case studies. We are put into groups and work on things together, such as case studies. In addition we have 3 IPE’s where we get to choose which is of interest to us (these are smaller in numbers). We also have IPE’s to do during our placements. I thought the IPE’s were interesting since it allowed us to interact with other students who w
  5. Hi and congrats on your acceptances everyone! I'm a current UofT student I would say a big plus with UofT is the amazing catchment since there is great variety and you dont have to worry about placements in other towns. We have an intro placement in October for 2 weeks which is a nice break from studying but otherwise the longer placements are in the spring (I'm in my placement right now!). I'm grateful for having placement now because I feel more confident in my knowledge compared to first semester. We have study groups that changed each semester and you really get the chance to get t
  6. Hi there I did the MMI for OT last year and got accepted. I didn't purchase any books to prep and just did random online questions I found and I did fine. I would say that not focus just on healthcare themed questions because the interview itself had non healthcare themes as well. The examiners are really nice and have prompting questions if you get stuck (I was so happy when I learned that haha). Also, in some questions I was cut off by the door knock and other times I finished before the time so don't stress out if you find yourself in that kind of situation, just look on to the next quest
  7. Hi! I wouldn't worry too much about it. I did the same after submitting my application last year and realized there were a couple of grammatical mistakes and kept freaking out for the longest time. It didnt prevent me from getting accepted though! They would be more focused on your experience than a small error.
  8. Hi there! I took an additional year after my undergrad and my transcript request automatically included that extra year and the remaining courses from my original undergrad. I think you're fine as long as its all done at the same university as far as I know
  9. You are most welcome! I'll definitely be more than happy to answer any questions you may have going forward One of the reasons I chose UofT is the catchment area, I didnt have to worry about traveling far distances or out of town and there is great diversity of placements too compared to some of the other schools. Although the curriculum is 2 semesters of study then 6-week placement in the spring, we get a two week intro to OT placement which is what I'm doing right now and loving it. I also liked the courses that were provided, including the research courses in the curriculum. I can sa
  10. Hi there! Im a first year at UofT for OT but I was also accepted in the other ontario OT programs and UofA. From what I'm reading it looks like you have some great experiences on you. I'll give you some advice Ive gotten from people when I applied. First off, any experience is relevant experience, it doesn't have to be related to OT or healthcare directly. If you look at CAOT website (Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy) and the characteristics that are necessary for an OT, lots of jobs can have relevance. For example, with my healthcare volunteering, I talked about my work in re
  11. Hi there! I don't know if you looked at this part of the mcmaster website but it has an FAQ about their placements and their catchment map https://srs-mcmaster.ca/ot-clinical-education/general-resources-ot-clinical-education/#wpwqlcGY As far as I know most schools have you choose a list of places where you want (I know for UofT its top 10 while Queens its top 5, not sure about mcmaster) and they would try to place you in one of your choices And to answer your other question (from their website) "Do I need a car? Students are expected to travel outside of Hamilton, Onta
  12. Hi there! I actually ended up changing my mind yet again haha. I was originally set for Queens because its closer and I really liked their curriculum courses/layout. The thing that made me reconsider was the placements since there were limited in variety and not many in city (I don't have a car either). For McMaster, I really enjoyed the MMI and I liked their course selection but I didn't think PBL would be a fit for me. I ended up choosing UofT, like the other schools the curriculum is great and I loved the variety of selection for placements and that they are in Toronto (this reall
  13. Hello all! I got accepted into Queens, UofT, and Western and I have been leaning more towards Queens. I'm really liking their curriculum but my main concern is traveling for placements so I was wondering if there were any current Queens OT students who could share their thoughts of this experience? Thanks!
  14. Hi all! Like many others, I'm in the process of trying to figure out which school will I decide to go to for OT. My choices are Queens, UofT, McMaster, and Western. It would be great to hear experiences about other people's student experiences and their thoughts of the OT program. I'm from Ottawa and it I've never really lived in any of these cities so it would be great to hear about the living experiences too! Thanks
  15. Yes, in my section for Queens it says "Offer - Expires June 02" when I click on it it gives me the option to accept. Its 12:40 on my end (Ottawa) You can fix the time on the forum by updating your settings, its a different time zone (I literally only knew this recently and the time zone was of another country lol!)
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