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  1. Mine hasn't shown up yet. I mailed my second term registration on Jan 5th so it would have got there by now. Has anyone been able to reach someone at the admission office and ask?
  2. I didn't do this: "Please enter all courses you are taking or will be taking in the September- April academic year. Label these courses as in-progress." Will this disqualify me?
  3. Hi all, Can you use courier to send the transcript to: Admissions Office College of Medicine University of Saskatchewan Box 17 Health Sciences Building 107 Wiggins Road Saskatoon SK S7N 5E5 (they have a box # and I wasn't sure if you just have to use regular mail) Thanks!
  4. Hi all ! So I am confused how the references work. I see in the appendix of the application manual they have the questions for Part 3. Are these the only questions asked (below) ? And each reference only get the 1 they are chosen for right? Any suggestions on length of response? Seems to me like more of a paragraph response than a whole reference letter. Advocate – Please provide a specific example of when the applicant demonstrated their ability to contribute to the well-being of others. What experience dose the applicant have in identifying a need and action on it? What person
  5. I wrote the aug 5th MCAT and am not sure how I feel about it. I have decided that the safest thing to do would be keep studying for the sept 10th test since this is the latest date I can rewrite for this application cycle. I am having trouble deciding what my cutoff score should be, so when sept 7th rolls around and I get my marks from the aug 5th test I can either go ahead with the sept 10 or cancel it. I would preferably like to get into an Ontario school, but I wouldn't complain about any out of province either. My marks: 1st y - 3.77 2nd y - 3.70 3rd y - 3.99 cGPA
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