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  1. I definitely relate in the part about cutting back considerably compared to undergrad days. Perhaps this is why it has been frustrating me. I compare my current time for activities back to my time in undergrad and I find myself feeling pressed for time to do much because of all the studying. How did you succeed in applying for your surgical specialty? What do you think had the most impact on your application?
  2. Any thoughts on applicants with little ECs and research? For example, if I were to start a family and takes too much of my time in order to realistically do ECs and research in addition to school. How would I compare to someone who has done some ECs and research? Would I still be considered 'competitive' if I had good clinical performane, LORs and soft skills? Thanks~!!!
  3. I can start with some first impressions I have. From what I've heard, the only things that matter for CaRMS are clerkship evaluations, electives LOR and interviews. I heard that research and extracurricular activities has almost no impact. I find it hard to believe that research doesn't have an impact, but to what extent it does I don't know. What should we be doing in pre-clerkship in order to excel for clerkship, and electives?
  4. Hi everyone! I thought it would be interesting to have an updated discussion on how to be competitive for CaRMS and hopefully match to the specialties we're shooting for. The medical field is constantly changing and I think it would be beneficial to have more updated discussions about how to prepare for CaRMS. We all know that CaRMS can be a stressful time for many. I would like to hear more from others about how to prepare a strong application for CaRMS. This discussion can include anything from research, extracurricular activities (clubs, sports, hobbies), clerkship, electives, LOR, inter
  5. Which laptop should I choose? Macbook Pro 2017 or Windows Surface Pro 2017? The only plus I see in the Windows Surface Pro is the touch-screen to draw annotate for diagrams (maybe histology or anatomy)....maybe use the tablet to read textbooks or PDFs. How often is drawing or annotating needed? If it's not often...I may stick with the Macbook line since I've invested in the ecosystem already. I prefer the larger 13" macbook screen; retina display; sturdy clam-shell build, simplicity, force touch pad; and looks...but I heard iOS isn't always the best for some programs needed??? Could s
  6. Hi! Could anyone tell me more about how I can get more involved with med related activities on campus? Are there clubs, organizations or student societies to look into? Would love any resources that could help me explore this further! Cheers~!
  7. It feels surreal right now. I've been lurking on these forums for a while now and I've been able to keep calm thanks to the community here. Hopefully these stats will help those who felt they've bombed their interview. Accepted (IP): VFMP Time stamp: May 12th, 3:40 pm OGPA: ~90 MCAT: ~515 ECs: Diverse, some research, no pubs, nothing very long term. Interview: Came out numb. Definitely felt like this was my worst interview out of all the interviews I did. I obsessed over my answers for months on end and never really had a time where I felt that I had a confident response. I hate to admit
  8. anyone heard of or accepted with very bad post interview feelings??? looking for some light at the end of the tunnel...
  9. Hi everyone...been feeling crummy lately about how my interview at ubc went and with a little bit over one month away until we hear back it's starting to sink in... Any med students/premeds know people who got in with average or below average interviews??? I know they don't tell you your score if you get in, but did they feel crummy afterwards like me????
  10. How accurate are post-interview feelings compared to interview scores? I know that self-assessments are different for everyone, but if any past interviewees or medical students could help weigh in how they felt compared to how they scored then it would help ease my mind. I felt that I struggled with a majority of the stations. Anyone felt they struggled with many stations, but were surprised to receive offers or above average interview scores? Edit: I'm really worried... could someone PM me to talk about it
  11. Are we allowed to have notes with us while we take CASPer? What's generally allowed and not allowed?
  12. Thanks for the response! Do you know if there are any practice exams? I'd like to get familiar with the test format...I don't want to be shocked when I take the real exam
  13. I finally have time to study for the exam. Unfortunately I haven't had time until now to prep for it and I have about a week until Oct.16th!!!! How should I get started??? What resources should I obtain to prepare? Any help is appreciated!!!
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