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  1. Yeah I was kinda shocked it wasn't red, but the colour is growing on me I guess. Then again, I feel like any colour would have (eventually) cause I'm just happy to be getting one haha
  2. Tomorrow's the day!!!!!! also side note have i met you yet @MountainAmoeba ??!
  3. As your friendly neighbourhood Calgary first year, I got you guys
  4. Congrats!!! That's honestly such a great time to have heard haha! It's not Hogwarts, but it's a close second
  5. Ok, thanks for letting me know! Red would be nice hmmm... decisions, decisions
  6. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but incoming students in the past were able to vote for the infamous backpack's colour, right? And you could do so on MD Financial Management's facebook page? Is that not a thing anymore? Couldn't find it on their fb page/these forums, so I'm not sure what's up... Also, sorry if this is the dumbest question ever, but tbh I'm pretty excited to get a backpack of my own haha
  7. Yep, definitely agree with you guys! I also have yet to hear anything
  8. No worries, and thank you! It is definitely nerve-wracking to say the least haha
  9. @Livinalberta No, I haven't had that change. My waitlist documents are still there. Maybe it's a good sign for you!! *fingers crossed*
  10. Result: ACCEPTED!! Pool: 3rd year undergrad, IP GPA: 3.95 MCAT: 510 (127 CARS) ECs: sports, community work, hospital volunteering, etc. (a few long-term commitments that I am super passionate about) Interview: This was my first ever MMI, so naturally I was a nervous wreck during the whole thing. I kinda just said whatever came to mind (completely abandoned my strategy to answer questions, but in hindsight I think I did end up sounding more genuine). I felt terrible afterwards... I am still honestly in complete shock/disbelief, and feel so honoured to be in this position! Congrats to
  11. Result: Waitlist Pool: 3rd year undergrad, IP GPA: 3.95 MCAT: 510 ECs: sports, lots of community work, hospital volunteering, etc. Interview: Felt pretty mixed about it afterwards (I think I did average on most stations, and not so well on 1-2) Happy to have gotten this far, and congrats to everyone who got in!! Crossing my fingers for the end of May now...
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