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  1. I think the difference now tho is that because medical schools are P/F now most students have a lot more free time to do research and ECs, making the entire applicant pool more non-academically competitive. I know in my class at least, most of us have a lot of free time b/c of the P/F system.
  2. M1 here. Feeling lost about this even after a month in and talking to many people. I feel like I'm falling behind my colleagues who seem to have everything figured out and connections out the wazoo. Should I be going after "leadership" opportunities? Should I be involved in community work? Does this stuff matter in CaRMS? Or would that time be better spent writing case studies or getting research done?
  3. Hi, I'm new to Scotiabank and also new to Rewards points with credit cards. I remembered seeing in the LoC document posted in our facebook group that Scotiabank offers Rewards points. These add up to a pretty good amount (about $400 by my estimate). I logged into the Scotiabank Rewards portal and I don't have any points (it's 0 points across 3 cards) and I'm wondering if others got points? I wish I had asked about this when I went in to sign the documents but it was the last thing on my mind. Edit: I've misunderstood the LoC document, the "bonus" isn't a signup bonus, you need t
  4. Thank you, I love a numbered response! A few follow-up questions. 1. How do you compare SRTP and SROP, would you say the difference comes down to whether you find your Experiential Learning topic more interesting than the SRTP topics? 2. When you say that the day off can be used for research, are you referring to working on your Experiential Learning project? 3. What do you think of the Non-credit Pre-Clerkship summer electives? There is a research and a clinical option. Would I be correct that the clinical option is sort of more in-depth OCLO? The research option is also fairly
  5. That's really great to hear! I came across this page about SROP, is this what you did? On the curriculum page about Experiential Learning it says "this course will also contain a module of original research developed with a mentor", so I'm guessing you apply to do research in the summer with this same mentor? Also, thanks to @yobologna for the link, I see that the SRTP deadline is January 2021 where as SROP is February 2021. Do students essentially need to decide whether their Experiential Learning project is more interesting to them than the list of SRTP topics and then pick one to do in
  6. I'm 95% sure I want to go into internal medicine. My sub-speciality interests are cardiology and geriatric medicine. I'm incoming to Western and have no clue what I should be doing - I have no family/friends in medicine at all so this is all brand new to me. I constantly feel like I don't know something everyone else does and when it comes time to match I'm going to go unmatched and become a statistic. Should I find out who the internists and cardiologists are at our local teaching hospital and ask to shadow them? How does one get involved in actual research where you are listed as a
  7. From my understanding of the curriculum, Western has no structured opportunities for research (UBC has this). The closest thing to this that I see is something called "Experiential Learning" in years 1 & 2 - but this seems to be a project with a wide scope and is probably not actually helpful for CaRMS - correct me if I'm wrong. The curriculum page says "Time is also provided in the curriculum for students to explore career opportunities." --> What do students do exactly? Does the faculty help setup an arrangement with physicians/scientists or teaching hospitals? What advice
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