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  1. school interviewing at: McGill's specialty: Family Medicine current interview date: March 23rd, 11 AM date would like to switch to: Any other date any additional notes:
  2. I am aware that this is a topic that has been spoken at length; however, I was wondering if anyone could speak to the #applicants to spots for the +1 program. I've heard that there 1000 people applying every year for 150ish spots and the +1 program is more competitive than the emergency medicine 5-year program. The data on the caRMS website isn't clear on the number of spots, as it lists 'rankings', but i would assume to get a ranking, one would usually interview as well. Wouldn't that indicate that the data is only depicting the interview:spot ratio and not necessarily the number of app
  3. Appreciate all the responses regarding my situation. I do see value in a Master's degree, as others have noted (whether for personal reasons or academic). However, I fear that the 2 year commitment may do me more harm than good for reasons such as: (1) achieving anything less than my previous GPA in the Master's degree may ruin my entire application, as it may pose a red flag, (2) I lose out on one application cycle as most supervisors will not let you leave in the middle of the degree, (3) if needed, that time could be spent on improving my MCAT score, as Kin@loo brought up and (4), it seems
  4. I recently graduated and am looking for opinions on the 'usefulness' of a Master's degree (whether research based or just course based) on improving medical school admission chances. I don't have an MCAT score (just wrote it), but my GPA for the following schools are as followed, 3.95 uOttawa 3.92 UofT 3.97 Queens/Western 3.95 uCalgary (OOP) 3.73 McMaster (a bad summer) 91% for UBC (OOP) In terms of extracurriculars, it is pretty typical of other premed undergrads, though I do have a 1st author publication and a large amount of hours (both employment and volunteer) in hospitals.
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