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  1. Just wondering what the Biochem + Micro/Imm program is like. Micro 3100 and 3300 seem doable, and I plan on taking the 3610 Imm lab which sounds great bc you get to work with lab mice! Biochem 3381 and 3382 is what I'm worried about. Any thoughts on these two courses? Also any thoughts on upper year Micro/Imm courses? And also thoughts on Biochem 3385- Human Biochemistry and 3386- Clinical Biochemistry, I've heard these two are easier; and upper year courses (4450 - Genetics of Human Cancer and 4464- Biochemistry of Human Disease sound good). Thanks!
  2. Stats 2244 - Just how hard is it? I've heard that this course is very difficult for the fact that lecture does not completely capture what students are expected to know in order to be successful on exams. After researching online and hearing from students who took it in the most recent school year, it seems that Prof Waugh expects students to do outside reading and that she assigns way too many textbook readings that do not overlap with material from lecture - yet students are still required to know all of it. Not to mention her apparent tricky wording on exams and low 60 exam averages.
  3. How about Methods 2290? Is there any way to have someone like a TA revise your work ex. the poster, essay, etc. Also, can anyone recommend when to take which rotations of methods? The exams for the following classes are usually around these dates; Cell Bio 2382 - January 30th, March 5th Genetics 2581 - February 27th Orgo 2223 - February 27th Physiology 2130 - February 27th I've been told that its tough to have the Gray unit near midterm season, so could anyone recommend which section I should take? From what I see, sections 001,002, and 003 would probably be best because its
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  5. Ok so I think I'll end up taking Math 1229 and Classics 2300. Does anyone have any advice about how to do well in Genetics 2581? Pretty much everyone I've spoken to says the course was a disaster. Also, is Chem 2223 needed? I don't see it as a requirement for many modules, but is it helpful for the MCAT?
  6. So out of the following which would you recommend the most; Math 1229 & Classics 2200/23000 - (fulfill degree requirement) Math 1229 & Physiology 2130 - (which you did) Micro 2500 & Classics 2200/2300 - (fulfill degree requirement) Micro 2500 & Physiology 2130 - (which would have the greatest workload, but overall the most interesting content) Also, would you recommend Stats 1st semester with Methods 2nd semester, or vice versa? Thanks in advance for your advice
  7. Hey everyone, I was looking for some help with course selection in 2nd year. Does anyone have any recommendations for second year electives? I have 1.0 credits to fulfil and would appreciate any advice Im pretty set on taking Micro & Imm 2500 already (unless many suggest otherwise), I just need another 1.0 credit. Im really interested in Physiology 2130 and I feel if I have the time available I can do well in it, but Im not sure if the course load would be too much as I will be a Bio mentor, try to be on Science Student Council, be a club executive, etc. Im also interested in Psych 20
  8. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice about ECs. Currently about to finish my first year in Med Sci at UWO. This school year: Really have not done much, mainly planned out my summer and applied for 2nd year positions This summer: SickKids research/volunteering with an international MD/PhD, 6 hrs/week, 96 hrs/summer Osler hospital(s) volunteer, 4 hrs/week, 64 hrs/summer Soup kitchen volunteer, 2 hrs/week, 36 hrs/summer Probably working, really flexible schedule for whenever I'm available (less stress) Next school year: Faculty sophing (mainly first wee
  9. Thank you so much, this is probably the best advice I've heard all year - I feel like everything you've said applies to me. I definitely can see a pattern in my calculus-based class marks such as physics and applied math.. I generally tend to do better in courses such as bio, chem, psych, etc which is why I likely will not take any core math/physics courses in 2nd year. And I have scheduled to view my exam with a TA so I can see where my problems lie, even if they are flukes. Also, I do understand that this might have been an off day.. I could have gotten a bit more sleep considering it was a
  10. Hi, I am currently a first year student enrolled in Medical Sciences at UWO. The midterm season recently passed, and I am just so confused as to how I performed so poorly... I would really appreciate any advice.. For my applied math/biocalculus class, I went to every class I took excellent notes every class I kept up with ALL of the homework, did every question, even made small summary sheets for each textbook section I kept a notebook with all of the hard questions I had gotten wrong initially, and redid them at the end of each week I went to the help centre when I did not unders
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