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  1. I was in the same boat as you in third year! You definitely have a shot if your DAT score is competitive and sell yourself well on the ABS/essays. You also have this year to bump your average too, so don't feel discouraged at all.
  2. So far from what faculty has sent us, majority of classes will be online and some labs will be in-person. Looks like we will be doing in-person labs several times each week at least.
  3. Also got off the waitlist! GPA: 3.89 DAT: 21/21/21 Completing one year masters
  4. Still early but nothing recently that I'm aware of. Just wanted to offer some words of encouragement to waitlisters. Speaking as someone who didn't get off waitlist last year, try not to think about waitlist movement! Being in your position is honestly one of the worst feelings ever; I was worrying over movement for several months last summer and refreshing this forum daily, but I really think that was self-destructive because it just made me feel worse. I understand that the whole COVID situation only compounds the uncertainty, but as one user said in an older thread, "hope for the best,
  5. I second this! Some of my friends got into both this cycle. Only advice I'd add is to make sure you'd be happy with either profession because you'll be committing a lot down the road.
  6. Result: Accepted Gpa: 3.96/90% (currently in a course-based masters) DAT: 21/21/21 (RC/AA/PAT) ABS: work, volunteering, research Interview: felt unsure about some of my answers but overall thought it went alright! Super excited to meet everyone!
  7. Does anyone know from previous years if we should expect any additional movement once Western comes out?
  8. i think overall it was ok! tried to tie in some experiences wherever i could but i was a little surprised at some of the short time-windows - do any of you guys feel the same?
  9. don't see anything wrong seeing as they asked for a headset!
  10. Was this emailed along with the reply slip or did you ask directly?
  11. Are we supposed to get all the vaccinations on the form done to maintain eligibility? Just wondering if they're really strict about it or if there is some leniency.
  12. Can anyone comment on how much waitlist movement there generally is?
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