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  1. Timestamp for mine was 1:02 PM EST - I am an OOP CMG. Best of luck.
  2. Yes, but only to the extent that most people want to stay in their home province and are able to offer more compelling reasons in their interviews for why they want to train at an in-province school, and programs probably have a preference for taking students who are likely to stay in their community after residency. But there isn't a quota in the same way that there is for med school admissions, at least not to my knowledge.
  3. Wondering about this as well. The only thing I've heard for the Mac MMI is that for one station they have access to your CV, so I imagine there's a question related to that.
  4. To add to above (I'm not sure if this will help or hurt, but I hope and mean for it to help <3): I've participated in student hiring before in a related field, and I have to say, choosing between a group of immensely talented applicants is incredibly hard. Often times, it's basically a coin toss. The reality is that we've all made it this far and will be great residents, regardless of rejections from this flawed system.
  5. Survey of the audience: When answering behavioral questions in CaRMS interviews (i.e. tell me about a time when...) is it bad/less desirable to talk about experiences from before med school? I assume some of them will ask specifically about clinical examples, and I obviously plan to use clerkship stories for that, but my better teamwork / leadership / working under pressure etc. examples are probably from the job I had 4 years ago before med school. Same deal with being asked to talk about meaningful things on my CV - most are from before med school. Curious to know what others think.
  6. I think most of the FM programs will be last week of Feb. Nice of UofT to acknowledge receipt of applications. Although any email notifications I get from CaRMS or specifics schools between now and April will make me slightly tachycardic lol.
  7. Yikes. Happy that everything worked out for you but wow what a shitty thing to do as a referee.
  8. When a program says "Approximately 500 words" - opinions on what the upper limit here would be? I'm at about 530, really don't want to cut down any more, but also worried about being sent to the reject pile for an extra sentence or two
  9. My instinct is to not dip below ~20% of the word limit, but if you feel like your statements are really strong then it might be okay. It would be helpful to get others to read them and give you some feedback.
  10. It's not a gap in training, but probably should be accounted for in your CV in some way. I.e. just show that you did something during that year. Not a big deal and definitely wouldn't warrant a transcript/MSPR addendum!
  11. I'm in the same boat, and know a few others who are as well. From my understanding it shouldn't be a major issue.
  12. I believe so, yes. At my school we have to opt in if we want to know in advance, but from my understanding student affairs will contact us the day before if we don't match and wish to be notified.
  13. Sounds fine I think! I would just go with a card though, it would probably mean more to them than a $10 gift.
  14. I don't think it's outrageous, lots of others are in the same boat and end up in family. It might require some flexibility on your end though, e.g. if you want to work in emerg or do deliveries, you might need to be willing to work in a rural or smaller setting.
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