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  1. I was wondering how McMasters does interviews and how they send out letters to let applicants know. From my understanding, they have rolling interview invites, so not everyone gets them on the same day. However, what is it like for the rejection letters? So far, I haven't gotten a rejection letter for the interview. I'm not sure if I should take that as a good sign or not.
  2. Yea this is what I'd figure would happen, where CASPer is the deciding factor due to my CARS score. And yea, the interview will definitely matter. I did extremely poorly on the U of C interview even though I prepped a lot with friends who got in within the same cycle. Thanks. Though, I am out of province, so how badly do you think this will affect me?
  3. Hi everyone. I'm from Alberta and I have a 3.94(33333) GPA and a 127 CARS. Obviously I'll still need to tackle CASPer. I think I do OK in CASPer, I can type quickly and put a few lines per answer and have decent and reasonable (but not amazing) answers. Do you think a 3.94 and 127 CARS is decent enough to get an interview OOP? Assuming I do average-above average in CASPer and not flunk it. I've done CASPer twice before in two application cycles. One for the U of A when they first did CASPer (got an interview) and for some various Ontario schools (did not get an interview). I've also
  4. Do you think its really necessary to include in the description that the job was only a summer job? Considering that there's a box you can check that says its only summer and in the time-commitment description you can do the same thing. I feel like the little ? text box that says to "Indicate if a summer employment" is a remnant from the older applications that just wasn't removed. If I don't have to, it would save a few of those precious characters and it less awkward not needing to shoehorn it in.
  5. I definitely think the additional comments is not necessary. It seems like the U of A is still undergoing their whole experimental stage with applications that started like 2 years ago when the introduced CASPer out of nowhere and are now rumored to not really care about GPA anymore. That said, I wonder how much the additional comments will add/remove from your application. While they might not actually "count" it as part of the 17 points for ECs, its got to affect your application in some way. I wonder what would be really appropriate to add in here. Maybe if you're an immigrant about ho
  6. Rejected IP MCAT 513 - CARS: 127 3rd year undergrad GPA: 4.0 On the day of, I thought my panel interviews went well and that the MMI went generally well. But upon reflecting, I think that I was probably pretty immature(or didn't give as much thought) with some of my responses in the panel, and for one or two of the MMI stations wasn't as sympathetic as I should've been. I also had a pretty severe cold on that day too but that's no excuse. ECs: Not very diverse, but a number of them are pretty long term.
  7. Yea that's what I figured. If I was reading it too that would be what I would think as well. I just thought that maybe it could help explain some of the inconsistency between in the other sections of the MCAT and my grades. Thanks
  8. My MCAT score is 513, 129/127/126/131. Unfortunately, my B/B score is not great. For some reason or other, I just did really poorly on the MCAT for B/B because during all my practice exams and studying, B/B was one of my better subjects, consistently scoring between 128-130. I did the MCAT after my first year, so I may just have gotten really blind-sided by a bunch of biochem, genetics, and experimental questions. I feel like making some comment about this during in the Additional Comments section. Something like how I wrote it after my first year and that it was my worst performance on t
  9. Alright, I just got my stuff confirmed. I think I resubmitted my MCAT and transcript, checked 3 days later, and its done in UCAN. Don't know if it was because of the resubmission or from the old ones I submitted back in Aug 25.
  10. Stuff like this really worries me. I'm guessing that the UofC will hand-verify each one and they have a large load to get through. I have proof that I submitted my transcript and MCAT, but will they accept that? Cause they say not to contact them until Oct 8, which is past the deadline.
  11. I sent mine on Aug 25. I did release my MCAT scores, but both my transcripts and MCAT verified things said NO. I did the similar thing with UBC and they both were done, so idk if I'm doing something wrong this time or if takes a while to update. I'll resend by courier I guess, but it just seems odd to me that UBC managed to do it so fast while UofC hasn't got it verified yet.
  12. I was looking at my UofC app and it says that the MCAT will be verified after Aug 25, 2017. For transcripts, it says to get it in by Oct 1st, but to NOT contact them until Oct 8 to confirm that they have it? How does this work? If we don't have the transcripts in by Oct 1st, our application is invalid. But only on Oct 8 can we confirm that they have it. I have proof that I submitted it on my end, will they accept that? I'm just a little anxious since I've also applied to UBC and they've verified both my MCAT scores and transcripts. The UofC on the other hand still has not. I sent both my
  13. I'm just wondering what I should be putting for my awards. I've gotten a few academic scholarships(on a side note, does being valedictorian count as an award?) from the UofA that are pretty much automatic(i.e. have good marks, fill out some stuff, you get it). The application says to put your "most significant awards", so if we're talking monetary value, these scholarships take the cake, a lot of them being valued like $1000-$2500. However, it seems like that doesn't really say much about me as a student other than having good marks. Which is obvious when they see my GPA is a 4.0. C
  14. Would it be unadvisable to put my immigrant experience as a top 10? I have a bit I can write about and talk about for it. I'm thinking the UofC is a much better place to do it in the Top 10 as compared to like UBC or OMSAS where its non-academic activities. Thanks!
  15. Don't they specifically tell you NOT to include stuff like this? "We do not want to know how you are like a doctor, and encourage you not to think about your application in such a limited way." But at the same time, I'm struggling with a few of my NAQs that are simple descriptions and I'm trying to include what I've learned in it.
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